Please help evicting tenant

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    Please help evicting tenant

    I've a tenant who is in arrears as the benefits that I get from the benefits office do not cover the rent. This situation has being going since August.

    Please, please I need advice on how to get rid of him. I'm aware of Section 8 and Section 21. Especifically I will be very grateful with:

    a) Which solicitors to use? I need some references of good and efficient solicitors of people who've been in the same situation as me.

    b) Is it worth it to use debt collection companies? Again, what's the experience of people who have used them in the past, and which ones.

    c) Can I evict him on my own, that is, me writing the Section 8 and 21 myself, etc. and is it worth it?

    Many thanks for your help

    To help you do it yourself info needed is

    1 AST start date

    2 AST end date

    3 Rent pcm

    4 Rent due date (if different day of the month to start date)

    5 Break clause (if any)

    6 Arrears to date (and or how much rent paid to date)

    Section 21 costs £150 to apply for court hearing, section 8 is the same but i think you can get it for £80 online.

    If they then dont get out on getting a possesion order the balife is about £80


      Reply from a non expert with a Tenant from Hell!


      I am at the end of this process and cannot stress how important it is to get this right.

      I served a s21 notice and "luckily" enough this was okay. Get a solicitor to do it as the tenant is likely to wait until the end of the notice then if there is anything spelt incorrectly etc it will start again!!!!

      I am 2mths 3 weeks into the notice, the tenant is refusing to move out or pay so I am getting a court order and CCJs registered , although she has threatened to burn the house down!Threatened the health and safety executive (when they are on her side lol!) and threatened my solicitor with violence! The police have been fantastic but there are health warings regarding ctossing into civil matters.....

      The law needs to be sorted , we are being punished for owning property and letting people enjoy it and then getting shafted at the same time. I have not had one decent tenant but the law protects them!!!!

      I have used who are great and also are petitioning for a change in the law. PLEASE REGISTER TO CHANGE THE LAW!

      All the best !



        There is no need to pay for a solicitor to issue a S.21 or S.8 notice for you (Waste of money)

        If you can provide the info that Johnboy has requested above, then we can guide you.


          I can provide the information requested above (although I'm not familiar with the break clause). Where do I get the notices Section 8 and Section 21 from? If getting a solicitor is a waste of money -which I can believe easy- how can I make sure I do everything proper so things don't get delayed? This is the first time I'm doing all this.


            A break clause is sometimes in a contract which allows the tenant or landlord to end the contract at a earlier date than the full term of the contract. (I think because i never use them)

            For a section 21 and section 8 click on the agreements link on the top L/H side of this page


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