Combi boiler nightmare

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    Combi boiler nightmare

    Cutting a long story short.
    New tenants moved in found the boiler was faulty, no hot water. My usual engineer was off due to sickness so I called the local Ariston repair "specialist". He advised that the main PCB was faulty and ordered it, told me he'd call when it was in. A week later no news so after leaving several messages on his answerphone he finally answered and said he'd ordered the part from Italy and had no idea when it would arrive.
    As it was in my opinion an emergency I asked if he could contact his supplier in Italy to track it, he refused. I reiterated that the tenants were without hot water but he just didn't care.
    I told him that I would try to get the PCB locally and he said "you won't find it, there's a two week lead time on this item and even if you do find one I'm not fitting it".
    After thanking him for his "wonderful service" I hung up the phone.
    One phone call to the local plumb centre and I had a PCB for £147 + vat. (so they were in stock after all even though this nougat had to order it from Italy!)
    Got the PCB fitted by another engineer and surprise surprise it wasn't the board but some diverter diaphraghm washer thingy.
    So, basically I am now out of pocket by the £147+vat plus £60 labour plus the washer. The plumb centre understandably won't refund me for the PCB.
    I am fuming by the attitude of this "Corgi registered Ariston specialist".
    Can I sue him? Should I report him to Ariston/ Corgi? Surely they should have some duty of care?


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