Boiler breakdown...48hrs...

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    Boiler breakdown...48hrs...

    Me again!

    Right folks, here goes...

    i have lived in this house for 12 months, the boiler has broke down about 7 times since then,,,friday was the last time....i rang the agency and they said they couldn't send anyone out "at that time of day" even though it was only 3-40pm...what happens that it shuts off for no reason, and the ignition button "pops out" when you go to sort it comes on for literally seconds then "pops out" out and the gas supply cuts out on it...the ignition button has been replaced twice in 12 months..obviously the boiler needs replacing in my opinion!I rang the EMH about it, and they said the LL shouldn't leave us without heating/hot water any longer than 24 hrs...i spoke to them yesterday, and they said they have to clear it with the LL for someone to come out...and he wasn't available yesterday afternoon! so we have been sat here from friday at 3-40pm, till obviously sometime tomorrow before any gets sent out..

    What i need to know is...what's the legal time limit of leaving someone without heating/hot water before it becomes a criminal offence?
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    There is no time limit; but it must be completed in reasonable time. If you were elderly or had a baby, your need would be more urgent, and more pressure could be brought to bare on the LL. Your Local Authority Housing/Tenancy relations officer should be able to help you make a complaint and bring action if necessary.

    Section 11 of the Landlord and TEnant ACt 1985, requires a Landlord to maintain the heating and hot water.

    Read the ACT here. Go to section 11

    In certain circumstances, if the LL fails in his duty, you have the right to do the repairs yourself and take them out of rent. There is a strict procedure for this; its best to get advice from you housing team at the Local Authority on how to do this.


    You also have the right to claim compensation for the inconvenience of all the breakdowns; you can negotiate this direct with your landlord, or take him to court if he will not play ball.

    You could find out who your LL is by asking in writing that the agent gives hisname and address; criminal offence if they do not give it in 21days. Or go to Land Registry online and pay £3 to find out who owns your property. Then you can bug him direct; or complain that the agency does not respond to your requests.
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