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  • Deposit protection question

    I used deposit protection society through my letting agent to hold deposit for my last tenant. He left after 4 months owing 2 monrhs rent . I also had £200 of repairs. Subsequently I recd £235 rent so he still owes me over £300 which is now 4 months overdue.Verbally he has told my agent that he is happy for me to take this out of the deposit. They seem reluctant to release it and have said that he has refused to accept this proposal. We have contacted him and he denies it.We believe him beacause they are sitting on my share and also his share of the deposit.He has nothing to gain by withholding permission. I feel that as they have never got in touch with me and only spoken to my agent when she rings them that they are failing in their responsibility.I can see no evidence of their role as an arbitrator. I have a cast iron case what do I do next

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    1. That is the pain with these deposit schemes, they were drawn up by people in government who have no practical knowledge of real life....

    2. If I understand rightly, your agent is sitting on the money. Are you sure the money was held in a deposit scheme? If so, contact the scheme adminstrator and seek their advice.

    3. It could be agent is being cautious, as they might need it in writting and not verbally.... All the schemes have different rules.

    4. Personally, I think all deposit schemes should be scrapped. Simply because if the Landlords refuses to return the tenant's cash, then his/her property is there and it can't run away!!! Tenants can run away... agents can run away.... but landlords property is still there!


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      deposit scheme

      Further to my post of yesterday, it is not the agent sitting on the deposit it is the deposit protection scheme administrators, so noone is getting anything back,neither the tenant or myself.All they say they want is a note from him and he says they have had it they say they have not. What annoys me is they are doing nothing to change the situation. Is this what we must expect in the future. I have just recently lodged another deposit


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