Rent question on statutory periodic tenancy

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  • Rent question on statutory periodic tenancy

    Hopefully simple question for somebody to answer:

    If fixed term AST has become periodic, and LL wants to increase rent by giving 1 months notice on correct form, is it the tenant's right to refuse this rent increase? I would assume that the LL would then issue S21 if he didn't agree to the rent staying the same, in essence always leaving a tenant under an AST or periodic with at least a 2 month guarantee of no change in their rent.

    Thanks as always for the help.

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    T cannot refuse as such - but can challenge rent via application to Rent Assessment Committee (see s.13(4) and s.14).
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      jeffrey is right as always. Normally on a S13 there is information for tenants as to what they need to do should they disagree with the rent increase. bear in mind that should the rent be assessed then it could always be assessed as higher than the landlord has requested.


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        Thank you!


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