Tenant in arrears, damaged property, left unpaid bills

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    Originally posted by AuntyEm74 View Post
    Is it worth trying to pursue the guarantor for the damage to the flat. The tenant used the deposit as the last month's rent and agreed she would pay for any damage. However since then she will not reply to texts or calls about the flat or bills. The flat needed professional cleaning (£100), carpet and sofa cleaning (£50), new toilet (£100), plus the knob on the cooker needs to be fixed (£??) and possibly the economy 7 storage heater (£??). Plus her smoking habit means I have paid £200 for the flat to be re-decorated.
    Does the gaurantor's responsibilty extend to damage or just rent?
    Well, depends on what your agreement states, doesn't it?! Usually, the answer would be yes if it's been properly executed - after all, that's the whole point of having a guarantor.

    Assuming so, then definitely pursue the guarantor: that's why you have one. How successful you will be will likely be determined by how diligent you've been with the inventories.


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