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    Letting for a short period

    Hi all

    I am planning on selling one of properties in the early spring; it is currently tenanted, but my tenant has just told me she'll be leaving in October/November. Obviously that's a lousy time to put it on the market though. If I let it out to a new tenant under a 6-month AST, it could be July before I regain possession, which will miss the anticipated 'spring fever' of house buying; or I just leave it empty for 3 months and take the financial hit.

    Is there some way of letting the house properly on a short-term basis for the three months?

    What about if I advertised for and found a tenant wanting a short-term let; and we agreed verbally that (s)he would quit after 3 months, but set up the normal 6-month AST? I then take the risk that he won't leave after 3 months as agreed (which wouldn't be a calamity); and the tenant would have to risk I might decide to hold him to the full 6 months contract!

    Would that be the only way of doing this, or is there a better, 'safer' way?! The daft thing about this is that I'm sure there are plenty of folk out there who would want a 3-month let.

    You can create an AST for 3 months, you just wont be able to take court action for eviction untill 6 months are up.


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