How much should new water tanks/plumbing/heating cost?

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    How much should new water tanks/plumbing/heating cost?

    I have an issue on my hands with a leak downstairs and some generally decrepid old plumbing / tank system - and have been told that I could really do with the following (my tenants are away for 2 weeks so work needs to be done ASAP!)

    How much should I be looking to pay for:
    • Strip out existing hot + cold tanks, pump, all associated pipework.
    • Supply + fit new 120 Lite Range Santon or Sadia direct unvented water heater, new immersion, pressure reducing valve, blending valve, new T/P relief valves and discharge pipework.
    • Fully fitted, labour and materials, tested.

    Any help much appreciated..

    Couldn't you get access to the place and bring a plumber or two in to give you a proper quote, or are the tenants away at the moment? If so, don't just let yourself in without their permission.


      Is there a You might be better off there.



        plumbing query

        If you mean the copper cylinder and associated pipes. I have just had one fitted and total cost was nudginr £900. The cylinder is very expensive


          Just had a quote of £1060 pounds just for the copper cylinder.


            Out of interest is there no boiler in the property. If it heats on immersion it can take an hour or two for tank to heat up.

            Also is there enough water pressuer to run an unvented tank.

            These tanks are fairly expensive, probably around 500-1000 and there is a quite a bit of pipework and the expansion vessel etc etc. I would have though you could be looking at 1500 easy if not more.

            What have you been quoted?


              Plumbing & Heating

              You should guess at between £45-£80 per hour for a Corgi reg. heating engineer and a plumbers mate and two to three days maximum to do the work (for a basic installation, but this depends on the layout of existing pipework and where you want the new pipework).

              Much depends on what your needs are, a basic combi boiler and fittings should cost no more than £700 and a decent fitter could install in a day, we use them to heat and supply hot water to 2-bedroom flats, and we usually pay £1200 to £1500.

              If you have a local guy who is good with plumbing, you could get hin to pull out all the stuff and re-fit pipework and then get a heating engineer just to install the boiler and commission it. We usually save £300 doing it this way.

              Don't forget the CORGI Certificate


                Yea I'm confused at to what this guy wants to do exactly - but quote is between 1000 and 1100.

                There's a leak belwo and he ripped out the old tank, overflow system etc etc while tenants are away - to see if leak stops - he says it's best to be on the safe side and if the money is there, to simply install all new bits and bobs.

                Pressure wise, I'm not sure - it's top floor flat and there's currenlty the need for a pump to pump the hot water.. he said this would no longer be needed...

                TBH, I'm just lost as to what the hell's going on in the flat now


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