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  • Evicted tenants arrears

    A tenant has left one of my properties after she was given a notice to quite, but owe me £1,200. She left no forwarding address, but I have found out where she works and have her NI number. I have also found out she has a ccj against her from the inland revenue and they are currently trying to get an attachement to earnings order. She appearrs to have lots of other debts by the post which is arriving daily.

    Can I write to her at her place of employment to give a final warning that I am going for a ccj unless she makes contact and offers to pay some money, or would this be seen as harrassment.

    If I get a ccj at her old address, which she will not contest because she is not there, can I piggy back on the back of the inleand revenue deduction from earnings.

    Thanks for your help

    Joe Stubbs

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    You should get legal advice, but I suspect that as the tenant already has ccj's, another won't be much of a hassle, getting the cash is much harder than getting paid.


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      If she already has a ccj the threat of another one wont make any differance. Get a debt collector on to her and let them deal with it.


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        Note that the HM Revenue & Customs will have first claim on any money she might have spare out of her earnings, so if she has a big bill from them you might find it difficult to get anything from her.


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