Licencing of Student Houses

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    Licencing of Student Houses

    I'm sorry if this has been brought up before, but I haven't seen it. I have some 3 storied student let houses which have been let to 5 students. I have installed fire doors and central smoke/heat detectors.

    What other implications are there with regards to the licencing of the houses?


    There is nothing specific with regards to student lets as opposed to general lets. The main issue would be have you let to your 5 students seperately? Or all on one rental agreement?
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      Environmental Health

      Contact your local Environmental Health Officer and have a chat, they are great! We have spoken to ours on a property we want to convert to HMO and they are being very leniant. If you are proactive they will help you all teh way... if they have to contact you it is another matter.
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        If you are planning to change the building you should have submitted notice to your building control department and anybody should have done this since June 1992, therefore if you have done that you shouldn't have any problems licensing the property.

        If it was converted before June 1992 and it is 3 storey, 5 students with shared facilities then it becomes licenceable under the proposed new legislation, first of all you need to be a 'fit and proper person. The conditions of a licence are to produce the gas safety certificate for any gas appliances annually, keep any furniture, electrical appliances supplied by you in a fit and safe condition, smoke alarms are installed and also a written staement of the terms on which they occupy the property, however those are the basics and you should be aware that some authorities are propsing additional conditions. Also you should be aware that Part 1 of the new Housing Act can also be a condition of the licensing.

        There is plenty to take in with the new Housing Act and you should really either be signing up for seminars or contacting your local authority to see if they run any form of Landlord Forums. There are many implications to do with licensing and plenty more for HMO's in the Housing Act. Many student accommadtion properties now fall within the remit of the new Housing act, therefore capturing many houses that would be otherwise exempt under the Sheffield vs Barnes ruling.


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