Landlord Dissappeared Going on 2 Years

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    Landlord Dissappeared Going on 2 Years

    I have been staying at my home for about 10 years. My mom started out renting the home and our landlord always lived out of state. ANyway my mom would pay the taxes and then take it out of the rent. My mom passed in 2004 and my and my brother remained there and I took over all the bills. I was paying the rent just like my mother did and then in december of 2005 the tax statement came and I paid the taxes. I sent her a letter and copies informing her about it. My letter came back with return to sender on it. I called the number we had for her, my grandmother called and the people said she does not live there any more. We told them that we had sent a letter to her and that it came back. We asked them did they know where she moved to, they said no. I though she might have moved and I was giving her time to contact me. She has not contacted me and in December it will be 2 years. I am about to move and I would like to know if I can put this house in my name. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do?
    Thanks So Much,

    Originally posted by different View Post
    ....out of state... passed...
    Bzzzt! You've just fired off my USA'ian detector: this is a UK forum and we don't know much, if anything, about stuff overseas...


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    • Reply to Possible to end tenancy early?
      by jpkeates
      While it's possible that your account might make a judge more sympathetic to your side of the case, it shouldn't make a lot of difference.

      A fixed term is a fixed term and you'd be relying on the landlord agreeing to something that they don't have to or doing something they don't have to....
      22-09-2020, 16:58 PM
    • Possible to end tenancy early?
      by May79
      I’m having a truly horrific time in my new rental property and after an incident with LL today I’ve decided I cannot stay here. I’ve signed a 12 month assured shorthold tenancy and LL is in breach of the agreed terms on multiple counts. I do not feel safe here anymore and despite the exorbitant...
      21-09-2020, 22:07 PM
    • Reply to Possible to end tenancy early?
      by May79
      My cat wasn’t that old or sick, we have had numerous sightings of him some 20 miles away and believe someone has dumped him there. We’re still searching for him.
      Thanks for your advice it’s much appreciated, I’ll start looking for somewhere else. I’m hoping that their appalling conduct...
      22-09-2020, 16:53 PM
    • Reply to Proving tenants are related
      by DPT57
      Yes, but the HMO regulations are in statute and I assume that a Council policy defining family relationships could only relate to their licensing conditions....
      22-09-2020, 16:48 PM
    • Proving tenants are related
      by Kestrel78
      This is our first time letting a property. One of the first viewings are three nurses who say they are cousins. We don’t have permission to let as an HMO, so is there a way to prove their relationship or anything we can ask them to sign to state their relationship so we are covered legally with our...
      19-09-2020, 12:14 PM
    • Reply to Possible to end tenancy early?
      by jpkeates
      The only way to end the tenancy early is with the landlord's agreement.

      First of all, you need to find somewhere else to live and, probably, move there.
      Then take the keys to the agent and offer to surrender the tenancy and hand the keys over.
      Then keep your eye on...
      22-09-2020, 16:47 PM
    • Reply to Doors unable to close due to carpet
      by amy131
      You should get this addressed as forcing the doors against the carpet will cause wear and you could get a deduction from your deposit due to this. The landlord should fix the issue. When I had carpets fitted the fitter had a tool to take a few mm off the bottom of the doors without taking them off....
      22-09-2020, 16:41 PM
    • Doors unable to close due to carpet
      by Dudely
      Hi there,

      I moved into a new 1-bedroom flat about a month ago and notice that all the doors (except the front door) can’t be closed fully because it get stuck on the carpet. The bathroom door can’t be closed fully as well but it has a lock on it. Wasn’t really bother with this to...
      20-09-2020, 20:45 PM
    • Reply to New tenants- what are the most important things to explain about the home?
      by DPT57
      I'm afraid I have to agree that they won't read anything long, so keep it short and they will forget they have it the day after they move in and will call you up about a question youve covered in some detail in the "manual". However, if part of the object is to cover yourself in case you need...
      22-09-2020, 16:41 PM
    • New tenants- what are the most important things to explain about the home?
      by Lots on
      I’m hoping to get new tenants in the next few weeks, the house has been totally refurbished, the last tenants left after about twenty years! I’m aiming for professionals/ family. Using agents for tenant find only
      Is it a good idea to put a “ house manual” together? What information would...
      16-09-2020, 17:51 PM