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    A HUGE Thank You!!

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to come on here and say a great big thank you to those of you who have very kindly offered their support and much needed advice over the last couple of months.

    To summarise me and my husband had been left in a position by a letting agency who basically forced us to take a flat as the house we'd signed for had fallen through. Amongst a LOT of other stuff, the agency let people into the flat whilst we were out without our knowledge or permission, didn't return calls when we needed help (like when we woke up to find roofers staring at us in bed, or when the boiler broke down), left us in an area which was extremely noisy and basically was a total nightmare.

    Thanks to the advice on the boards here we came to a comprimise that we would pay the rent until someone else took the flat. Three months on, no one had taken it and we were on the verge of going legal when, unexpectedly, we received a phone call a couple of days ago to say someone wanted to take the flat from today. We will bypass the fact the agency have been showing the flat again without our knowledge or permission (they were meant to call to let us know when people were in the flat) and that they only gave us one hour in which to clean the flat left messy from the decorator that came in and neglected to put down dust sheets leaving the place we had cleaned to within an inch of it's life very dusty and dirty. I will even bypass that they want to charge us to clean the carpets made dirty by said lack of decorator etiquette! I am so, so happy to say that we are now no longer responsible for the horrible place and just wanted to thank everyone for their help!

    We are now living in a lovely cottage, with a lovely landlord who we do not wish to trouble and who does not wish to trouble us. We're happy to be good tenants and will continue to be so.

    As we sit in front of our lovely open fire tonight listening to the peace and quiet and not the sirens, fire alarm in our flat being set off from the shop downstairs (which we could not switch off) and drunken fights outside the windows of the old place we'll be raising a toast to all that helped on here. Yes, we probably should have gone legal, the letting agents certainly deserved it but we are glad we didn't as most of it was not the landlord's fault. We'll chalk it up to experience and a steep learning curve but I know we would have stood no chance getting out of the tenancy early without the information given to me here.

    So although this is a big post (for which I am sorry) I feel it's warranted as I wanted to say a BIG thank you!

    Ahh, a happy ending :-) enjoy the new place!



      Indeed, welcome to your new home, I hope you'll be very happy there.

      (but if you're not and you need some help, you know where to come!)


        Awww i do love a happy ending!
        Much happiness in your new home
        Please note i may be in pumpkin mode, the light might be on but i may not be here


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