advice needed with plumbing company

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    advice needed with plumbing company


    I have a brilliant tenant, she called me to tell me the heating wasnt working

    I attended the prob within 24 hours, tested all the rads, thermostat, boiler and could not diagnose the problem.

    I called a company twice (as the 1st call was not attended to)

    They came and got the heating working, as it was a thermostat problem.

    However, when the plumber attended to the kitchen radiator, he managed to break a valve and flood the laminated floor which is now uneven (photos taken) as water got into the joints. They say the valve was faulty. I say the valve was fine as when i tried to fix the prob with the heating, previously, I checked all rad valves and discovered no faulty valves, otherwise I would have diagnosed the fault.The bill is £125 which I have no problem paying, however, I am unhappy with the flood.
    What can I do?

    First consult insurers who may have views on how to proceed. If you don't consult, you may invalidate the insurance policy (buildings cover).
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      thanks for reply.

      the flood did not actually warrant a buildings claim as the laminate floor has only 'lifted' in 2 places by 2mm. I have photos.

      I have just called my ins company and they are happy that everything is in order and no claim will be made, however, i am still left with the issue that the plumber in my opinion caused damage.

      should i just refuse to pay the bill, send a complaining letter stating the facts and wait for them to reply? Whats the worst that can happen?



        ask them for details of THIER insurance co ( The Plumbers ) ask him what his excess is!! He may just walk away, if not sue him!

        Tell him in writing your not happy with his work, either part pay and sue or just sue!

        I hate builders, plumbers etc.!

        I have composed a very balanced factual letter stating that under the Sale of Goods and Services Act 1982 I believe the engineer to have acted without due care and skill and that the duty of care to me and my property has been breached.
        How do you Sue someone is it similiar to The Small Claims Court? I suppose I could pay half of the bill and see what happens


          The important question is, how much will it cost to repair the floor?



            but on the plumbers side,did he charge for a valve and why is the laminate in the kitchen not water proof or resistant?


              I put some vinyl "laminate" tiles down in an HMO kitchen 6 years ago and it is absolutely fine despite 2 washing machine floods on it and a leaking boiler for a couple of weeks ....
              A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.


                I guess the best advise is never to put laminate flooring in rental properties, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

                I think there is a good case for you to say that he should pay your excess. Is he a member of any professional body?


                  Originally posted by starlettings
                  well thats cos VINYL aint wood!!!!!!!!

                  Oh my god....and your a landlord...ouch!!

                  Very Good! Looks as good as, and has been down considerably longer than laminate that i have had to uplift in several other props..

                  Thank you for informing me that "vinyl isn't wood" ; on closer inspection, it would appear that a table is not a chair .....

                  Whilst we are examining the difference between similar looking, but very different words like "wood" & "vinyl" and "table & chair" perhaps we should examine a much more fundamental comparison ...

                  "YOUR" & "YOU'RE" which are as distinct as the previous examples ....
                  to most of us !!


                  Does "starlettings" have reference to the location of your(as opposed to you're) attitude and mental status far away ...on another planet....or is it a reference to a martial arts weapon used to cut peoples fingers off when they try to steal your wallet ? .....

                  Long live childish banter!!! why should kids have all the fun?!!
                  A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.


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                    by Hudson01
                    I am very sorry to hear about the issue, i can add little more to what has already been said above, I am one of those lanldords spoken about in terms of about to sell up........ all that has been pointed out as to why we are all leaving is totally true, it has simply become too much hassle and with...
                    16-05-2022, 20:53 PM
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                    by Confused2022

                    I an trying to get as much information and advice for someone whom is very vulnerable and has many health problems.

                    The issue is they have lived at a property which they’ve rented now for 2 years just over, never missed a rental payment and never had any issues,...
                    15-05-2022, 15:45 PM
                  • Reply to Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
                    by Hudson01
                    I agree with one of the other posts, Company A should have sorted the whole job, it sounds like a 10 mins job with maybe a collar for the pipework being tightened up and then some basthroom sealant are right.......... just under a ' monkey'' (Arthur Daley speak) for what is a simple pipe...
                    16-05-2022, 18:46 PM
                  • Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
                    by Laurasplog
                    We have a London flat managed by an agent (full management service).

                    My husband and I were abroad, and got a call from the council saying the property was leaking sewage into the flat below. We contacted our agent immediately who sent someone around the same day (Company A).

                    16-05-2022, 12:58 PM
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                    by theartfullodger
                    What does your agreement (or terms & conditions sent) with this say about such queries, please? I'd start there first & then probably their complaints process (if they have one)

                    Is this the lettings agent on the block (of flats) management agent please?

                    I humbly note...
                    16-05-2022, 16:15 PM
                  • Reply to Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
                    by Laurasplog
                    The pipework was found to be sound. I think Company A were there as an emergency "see if it's sewage and shut off the water if necessary". They said it was a pipework problem and a sealant problem. Company B carried out a full audit on the pipes and found it was only a sealant problem....
                    16-05-2022, 14:59 PM
                  • Reply to Invoice for work - am I being unreasonable?
                    by Laurasplog
                    The letting agent engaged all of them. We gave them an instruction to fix whatever the problem was after the notification from the council there was a problem - we pay for a full management service.

                    I doubt the agency will give us money back because they've paid it out directly to the contractor,...
                    16-05-2022, 14:58 PM
                  • Reply to Buying a tenanted residential property
                    by theartfullodger
                    In November 1979 BoE base rate hit 17% under Thatcher's government. My building society was kind by only raising their rates to 15%.....

                    IMHO rates will continue to rise. Sorry.

                    What you are proposing would breach your mortgage terms and possibly result in place being repo'd....
                    16-05-2022, 14:30 PM