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    Warrant/ attachment/ other?

    This is not really a Residential Lettings question but...

    LL didn't pay back deposit so I issued a small claim and he has ignored everything.

    He lives in a £1m house, owns two flats and has a good job in a popular magazine.

    I have entered judgment against him and am not sure how to proceed. Do I send in the bailiffs, get the money from his salary or from his back account?

    Can anyone highlight the pros and cons of these processes? Yes, I have scoured the hmcs!!

    Nope, yes and that's what I'm asking! You can get it from there account, salary or from the bailiffs. Which is the most successful?


      Originally posted by starlettings
      Did he not defend?
      Do you now have a CCJ on him?
      You should instruct the court to collect the cash, pay a fee to the court and enjoy!!
      ...and seek a Charging Order on his properties?
      JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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        Originally posted by Skengland View Post
        Nope, yes and that's what I'm asking! You can get it from there account, salary or from the bailiffs. Which is the most successful?
        Bailiffs would be the most embarrassing for him, wouldn't it?



          I like the way you think, Peter. But, they are more likely to harrass his nanny.
          I spoke to her more than I spoke to him.

          I like the idea of getting it out of his salary or his bank account becuase those avenues are the most unpleasant for him.

          Charging Order on his properties? I'll have a look..

          Thanks jeffrey and Peter..


            Charging order on his property only means that you get the money if/ when he sells. No judge is going to force the sale of a £1m property for a charge that is relatively small.


              Well he does own two other flats...I like the idea of getting it out of his salary. Very humiliating


                Pardon my ignorance starlettings, but why would I do a land reg search? I know where he lives and the flat I lived in was two doors down.


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