Withheld deposit pre april 2007

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    I think the letter would be inadmissible as it is just hearsay, but if they were to provide a witness statement and were prepared to attend court, then it might be taken into account. If it gets to court I would object in the strongest terms to the inclusion of the letter and ask the judge to disregard it. Or respond directly to it in your own witness statement.


      Originally posted by starlettings
      Hey im his top bidder......things people do to make a few quid eh!!

      (Ps if i win it for a fiver im gonna send it to colin.....give him something of his own to play with)

      I am sure the majority of regular readers will be pleased to know that a formal request, backed by members of this forum has now been submitted to the site Editor for the removal of Starlettings.


        Hi Haggard,
        Sounds like they're trying to scare you! Blah, blah blah.
        As I said before: Ignore the agents!!


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