Notice period required after AST has finished ?

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    Notice period required after AST has finished ?

    Please could someone help with the below as I'm new to this and the letting agent that I am using does not have a clue ...!

    My tenants AST was for the period finishing Feb 07 but they agreed to stay on. No further paperwork has been created or signed.

    1) As I need the property vacant must I now give them 1 or 2 months notice ?

    2) Does this now automatically mean that they are on a Periodic Tenancy ?

    Many thanks in advance

    2) yes, they're on a periodic.
    1) can't remember, but I do know it has to be finishing on the last day of a rental period.

    You need to issue a Section 21(4)(a) I think, which is the appropriate one for a periodic tenancy.

    Be careful that you get the dates right, or you could find your notice is invalid.


      At least 2 months notice, and must notice must expire at the end of a rent period.
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