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    Problems finding somewhere to rent

    Hi, I am a tenant and am having problems with moving and would like to get some opinions from landlords on what I can do.
    I currently live in North Wales, but need to move to Chester with my 3 children. I rwnt my current property and have done for nearly 5 years with no problems between myself and my current landlord.
    The problems I have seem to be several.
    The biggest is that my credit score is bad. When my husband left us, he left is with huge debt, as I had a fantastic credit score and everything went in my name. I ended up having to go bankrupt. I had previously owned my own property. I have always worked.
    The second is that I work part time, which means my income is subsidised by tax credits.
    I am a good tenant, I went bankrupt, but still paid my creditors for two years, I am in circumstances that are not of my doing, but most places will not even let me view, as I am upfront about my circumstances.
    My daughter is starting college in Chester in September, because she was bullied and did not want to continue her education locally, and we have friends in Chester, hence the move.
    I have my parents and my friend willing to become guarantors, but nobody will give us a chance to even get to that stage.
    I feel like we have no chance at all of even meeting a landlord so they can see I'm a decent person just wanting to move forward.
    What can I do?

    Blame the legislators. If it were possible to a landlord to take you on, and keep you on if things went well, and visa versa, then they would give you a chance.

    But it is not, so they won't. Decent people don't matter to those who make the laws.


      Probably not what you want to hear but I think you are going to have to look at less desirable properties/areas of Chester.

      Check Gumtree and even cards in newsagents for landlords who are willing to be more lenient. Ask on local Facebook pages.

      As Andrew states, on paper you are the biggest risk to a landlord. In a time where if things go wrong eviction is a long and costly process, most landlords will choose an applicant with a perfect history although to you that can seem unfair.

      Have you tried the council In Chester or housing associations? Although you won't likely get priority as your effectively making yourself homeless, they may take your circumstances and the bullying into account.



        Thank you. I think I'm starting to think it might be the way to go, to move to a less desirable area.
        I have just tonight put in an application for council housing, but I know (because I work for a council!) That I will be low priority. My current landlord is happy to let me stay here for as long as I want, (because I'm a good tenant!) so I won't be homeless, my daughter can probably commute short term (think it's going to be about an hour and a half). It's just incredibly frustrating.


          Have you considered having your daughter attend a college nearer than Chester but in a different area from the one in which she has been bullied?
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            There is only 1 Fe college in North Wales! Although there are many campuses, her course is only run at the main one (and one even further away than Chester), where most of the students from her school will be going. Chester is the nearest other one.


              to gve you some hope, I have recently taken on a family where the husband went bankrupt a few years ago. I didn't find out until they had viewed and I offered them the chance to go through the tenant verify process. at this point they told me about their previous history and circumstances. I let them go ahead with the process (it was their money !!) and they came through quite well - she is a nurse and he is now self employed lorry driver with accounts from the last 3 years. I know it was more of a 'risk' but have gone ahead and when we met they seemed very decent and genuine people.

              my point is that your position is not hopeless BUT extremely difficult. you are a high risk and most landlords wont consider you. going bankrupt seems like an easy option to people and they don't realise consequences will follow them /haunt them for the rest of their lives and as a result not always get what they want!

              long shot but if youre current landlord is thinking of expanding ..... perhaps he might consider Chester??


                An historic bankruptcy where things are now OK is less of an issue than a) lots of historic credit issues or b) a recent bankruptcy.
                A bankruptcy can show an attempt to manage an impossible situation which has subsequently been overcome.
                Old debt indicates a willingness to live owing money with no resolution and a recent bankruptcy shows recent problems.

                In my personal view.

                It's always going to be a negative when compared with an otherwise equally matched candidate.
                When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                  Have you taken action to improve your credit rating and when exactly were you bankrupt? Have you actually checked your credit record to see if it's as bad as you think?

                  Could your child stay with friends in the week and come home at weekends?

                  When you contact people do you tell them the date of bankruptcy and produce statements to show regular payments of rent?


                    There's not much available on rightmove for Chester. Have you looked a bit further afield such as Ellesmere Port?


                      Thinking about this some more - it's not unusual for children to go to college an hour away and even 90 minutes is not that unusual in rural areas. I can see why you'd prefer to move but it isnt essential. See if the college will provide financial support with travel costs.

                      What job do you do, will you have to travel long distance if you move? How old are the children as Id be more inclined to take a tenant on housing benefit and working part time if I could see the opportunity for them to increase hours in future.

                      Dont be so upfront - view first and be upfront after viewing. Speak to the council as they may be able to provide a lost of landlords who may consider you.


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