Extension of 6 month contract to Xmas

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    Extension of 6 month contract to Xmas

    Hi all,

    I've had some Romanian tenants renting for a 11 months, who appear to keep the property clean when I inspect it every three months, apart from a few small issues. Recently I negotiated a 3% increase for the next years contract.

    I thought we were going to enter into another 12 month contract, but I received an email from the agent yesterday stating that the tenants have asked for a 6 month tenancy due to brexit, as theyre not sure what rights they will have. The agent went on to say that after the 6 months tenancy it will become a rolling periodic tenancy, until one of the sides decides to end it with a written notice (obviously).

    If a 6 month tenancy is in place, this will expire on Xmas day 2017. I dont want the headache of potentially having to end a tenancy on Xmas day, and I dont want to be out of pocket with the tenants refusing to pay rent after the tenancy is over. I was considering asking for a 7 month contract. Is this even possible?

    Is there any other advice the expert landlords can offer someone less experienced in this situation?

    Interestingly the last time I spoke the tenants they said that they were adamant they would be applying for British Citizenship. How a week in politics potentially changes people's view. Or perhaps I am just being gullible.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Do nothing:

    Simply see if they leave (as they are entitled to) with no notice by end fixed term, or if they remain in which case it becomes a rolling periodic tenancy.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Don't offer any contract at all.
      The contract will automatically become monthly (assuming they pat monthly now) and the tenant can leave with a minimum of a month's notice at the end of a rental period while you have to give them two month's notice.
      They're not going to want to stay if they're leaving the country and you're unlikely to want to replace them with anyone else.

      The only person who might lose out os the agent who might want to charge a fee for a new agreement.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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      • Reply to Housing First - what are your thoughts?
        by jpucng62
        Much as I have sympathy for your clients and would like to support your work, I like jpkeates, would be unlikely to accept this kind of tenant. There is just too much risk for a private LL.

        I did once rent a property to a similar organisation and the problem was not the tenant but her boyfriend...
        18-09-2020, 14:49 PM
      • Housing First - what are your thoughts?
        by LandlordLiaisonOfficer

        I work for a homeless charity and I am hoping you don't mind me bending your ear and gaining some landlord insight on a model we are imminently implementing for some of our service users.

        Traditional housing models within the homeless sector require the service user...
        18-09-2020, 12:32 PM
      • Reply to Part furnished
        by jpucng62
        Hope you held on to the deposit
        18-09-2020, 14:45 PM
      • Part furnished
        by Chester Perry
        Our property was let part furnished however upon leaving the Ex. tenant took it upon himself to relieve us of the white goods and wooden blinds.

        The dishwasher, washing machine, 2 x fridge freezers and wooden blinds throughout were actually ones purchased when the property was our main...
        18-09-2020, 13:34 PM
      • Reply to Part furnished
        by Chester Perry
        I posted elsewhere on here and feedback was a mix of its not worth it as nothing will happen (plus police will treat as a tenancy issue) and its worth doing to get a crime number.

        Not going to claim on insurance given excess etc. The fridge freezers value second hand / age considered probably...
        18-09-2020, 14:22 PM
      • Reply to Landlord refuses to sign inventory
        by jpkeates
        A 15 year old washing machine has almost zero value (and will have less when you move out).
        The landlord can only legitimately claim for their loss if you bin it.

        A mid range washing machine is about £350 (and they haven't changed much in price recently), and imagining one would...
        18-09-2020, 14:14 PM
      • Landlord refuses to sign inventory
        by Bumblebee3000
        We've recently rented a house that from the very start seemed badly taken care of - there were various problems like a mouldy washing machine/curtains, broken curtain rails, etc. When we arrived to meet the inventory clerk, we signed a 2-page document of handwritten inventory notes (we broadly agreed...
        17-09-2020, 20:13 PM
      • Reply to Part furnished
        by theartfullodger
        Trust you've reported the thefts to police
        18-09-2020, 14:07 PM
      • Reply to Landlord refuses to sign inventory
        by Bumblebee3000
        This is very helpful, MdeB, thank you. I will try to relax about the inventory now. In regards to the mould - the landlord has a letter from the curtain cleaning company stating that the mould has been "killed" during the cleaning. I actually spoke with the curtain cleaner when he was here...
        18-09-2020, 14:07 PM
      • Reply to Deposit Negotitations with Landlord
        by jpkeates
        The process seems to have changed recently.
        The landlord claims from the deposit and that claim should have a summary of what they are claiming and why.
        You dispute that and then you both have one chance to explain your side of the story.
        But you do that with only access to what the...
        18-09-2020, 13:57 PM