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    potentially violent neighbour

    I moved into a housing association property 6 months ago and have had problems with my neighbours since day one. The property is a house converted into two flats. I live upstairs and the neighbour is below me. I have to enter the propery via a "communal door" at the front and then head up the stairs to my flat. My neighbour has a door just inside the "communal door" and my way in/out overlooked by my neighbours window. I have a front garden that is also overlooked by the same window. They are loud at 3am and whenever I go into the garden they stare at me through the window and over the side gate. I can hear them at the front of their flat, but as soon as I leave my flat and head into the garden they are almost instantly in their back garden watching me and making comments about me.

    I have reported these issues to the housing association, but they haven't done much to prevent this behaviour. Well yesterday I got a bit annoyed with the banging and crashing and I popped my head out of my door and said give it a rest and speak to your landlord. I actually thought I said it so queitly that nobody would hear me. Unfortunately my neighbour did hear my comment and came storming up the stairs. I managed to slam my door and lock it before he reached me. My neighbour then started to bang hell out of the door. I turned on my laptops webcam and called the housing association. While on the phone discussing the banging, my neighbour started knocking on the door again. I told him I was on the phone and said go away or I will call the police. With that he started to scream and shout f this f that...And he kicked the door while shouting open that f'ing door. He left a big hole in the door.

    After ending the call to the housing association I rang the police on 101. They said they would attend within the hour, but that didn't happen, so I left the property and have no intention of going back while this nutty neighbour is still living there. The housing association have told me to go back and call the police if he tries to attack me. Considering my only entrance/exit is 2 foot from his door, I would have no time to call police should he decide to pop out and punch me. I would also have no witnesses because once inside the "communal door" it is just me and my neighbour in a semi detached property. Nobody in the building next to us would see or hear a thing. If I hadn't shut the door yesterday I am sure he would have kicked me instead of the door. If I hadn't recorded the incident yesterday there wouldn't be any evidence my neighbour was even at my door.

    what can I do to solve this issue ?? Like I say, the whole thing was recorded on my laptop and the police still haven't done anything about it. No arrests no nothing. The housing association and police seem to want another incident. I can't see any other reason they would suggest I return and call them if he kicks off again. Which I'm sure he will. After thinking and thinking and thinking and not being able to get his hands on me, I'm confident he will get angry and set upon me the moment he sees me. He seems to see red very easily and doesn't seem to care about witnesses or being filmed commiting a crime (criminal damage/threatening behaviour)

    If anyone can advise me on what they would do in this situation, it would be very much appreciated. Until this is sorted I'm being forced to sleep on a friends sofa. Obviously this isn't a long term solution, but its better than risking another broken door...or worse !!

    Being at risk of violence is considered (rightly or wrongly) as less serious than actual violence.

    It is also harder to prove.

    the only suggestions I can make are:
    1. Return to your home and try to lead a normal life; perhaps take a friend with you for support.
    2. Record in writing all instances of behaviour: date, time, what happened; what you did. This can then be put to the police/housing association.
    3. If possible, keep a video diary as the behaviour is being exhibited (much harder to dispute a recording of behaviour than to dispute a report of it); state date, time, and any comments on behaviour (e.g. been going on for 5 minutes now) when you start recording.
      Maybe include a TV page showing date/time as part of the recording (no cuts; pan to it) as corroboration of the time.
    4. Ask housing association to repair your door and take action against neighbour to recover the cost.
    5. Talk to Shelter and Citizens Advice for advice


      I disagree.

      The OP has video evidence of the tenants behaviour and I'm also assuming the housing association heard the threatened violence over the phone.

      The housing association should be visiting the neighbour and explaining that such behaviour will not be tolerated. Maybe one incident would not lead to eviction but prolonged bullying will.

      It may only take this action to defuse the situation but the housing association do become liable when anti social behaviour is reported.

      Contact the housing association and explain the events and your fears. Ask them to visit the neighbour and advise that you have video evidence of their behaviour


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