Agent sighned AST and started tenancy without permision

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    Agent sighned AST and started tenancy without permision

    I have a small family house in Liverpool that I used an agent to "find" a tenant for.

    They found a tenant that I agreed was suitable, Today I emailed them the gas cert, I asked for a copy of the credit checks and sent over my AST and Guarantor form and asked them to ensure the grantor sighed the AST.

    I received an invoice and their AST back. no grantor form and credit check. Their AST is dated today and the tenant has moved in. !!!!

    any advice?

    Do you have a signed contract with this agent?

    Post the relevant terms and conditions here.


      IMO the thread title is misleading.
      The OP engaged a LA to 'find a suitable T', which normally covers the first month of T, to include T referencing, prep of AST, deposit protection and 1st month rent collection.
      AFAICS the LA did as requested.
      If G was not checked out, I may inform LA that I hold them liable for any G-related problem.
      None of this should have happened if OP had informed LA that final T selection was down to him after receiving ALL final prospective T info.
      How else can you make an informed decision?
      LA is LLs agent, not vice versa


        Originally posted by Stevie_b View Post
        asked them to ensure the grantor sighed the AST.
        Perhaps they thought you were instructing them to sign the AST?


        An individual who conveys or transfers ownership of property.

        In real property law, an individual who sells land is known as the grantor.
        West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


          Ive used the agent for several years and for several properties the last being about 8 months ago. The agreement was to find and reference a tenant, we have no written contract
          this is an email i sent them yesterday prior to them moving a tenant in.

          " I hope your well, I'm sending over the gas safety certificate as requested. I'm also sending the AST, standing order form and Guarantor form just incase you cant find the one we used with the previous tenants, could you ensure that the grantor has sighned the AST please.
          I am still waiting for the credit checks to come through for the guarantor and the tenant can you email them over to me please.

          Regards Steve


            Suggest you also read about guarantors because this is likely to be worthless.

            What you have done is the salon de beaute equivalent of saying

            cut my hair, I don't care what you do

            and then complaining when you emerge with



              'Grantor' does not mean 'Guarantor'.


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