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    Notice to Quit + section 33 notice

    My tenants are in a year's lease which ends at the end of July. (1) How many months notice to I need to give? ( website is a bit confusing. Letting agent says 2months.)

    Other question is that the letting agent says he'll 'instruct solicitor'. (2)Does it need to be done through a solicitor? ( The cost is quoted as £150 + vat.)

    I also paid the letting agent £150 + vat at the start of the tenancy for landlords insurance cover. (3) Say for talking sake, letting agent gives them notice to quit but tenants ignore it, does this type of policy cover you for that scenario?

    I also read somewhere that the notice to quit has to be done in person, it that the case in Scotland also?

    Presumably this is a Scottish tenancy?

    Understand that to be enforceable in Scotland notices must be served by recorded-signed-for or Sherrif's officer.

    Read insurance policy to see what it covers.

    Shelter has guidance on notice periodds (make sure you read Scottish one)

    Solicitor not required, you can do it - notices etc on SaL website, they also have helpline & free courses
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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    • Reply to Finding a County Court Bailiff
      by jpkeates
      My guess is that the eviction hold is going to have to be extended until this lockdown ends and then possibly into some places being in a high tier (or equivalent).

      I think that an unintended consequence of this policy is going to be an increased number of bankruptcies, as people who would...
      28-01-2021, 15:35 PM
    • Finding a County Court Bailiff
      by Slackjawedyokel
      I have a possession order following a S21 eviction. I'm still awaiting my solicitor gaining a warrant of possession to allow bailiffs to evict (at some point in the future - I'm not holding my breath for Feb 21st...)
      I should probably be talking to a county court bailiff to 'get in the...
      27-01-2021, 17:57 PM
    • Reply to Please help
      by DPT57
      I agree that its not in your interest to respond. Wait for the courts to tell him that his notice is invalid, which should be in about 10 months time. He would then have to serve you a new notice, so you shouldn't have to leave for over a year.
      28-01-2021, 15:27 PM
    • Please help
      by Crystal0108
      Hello I need some advice please.

      we rented a property from a landlord for 6 years, everything was new when we moved in, decoratively. Fresh paint, cheap low pile carpets but new never the less.

      at the end of tenancy we repainted the house for him , we paid for the carpets to...
      27-01-2021, 19:37 PM
    • Reply to Landlady refusing to pay tariff charge electricity share. Help appreciated.
      by theartfullodger
      Understand you "had" to move because place was being sold. Actually even though a place is being sold - or indeed has sold - does not end a tenancy nor compel tenant to leave. Unless there was a court possession order & bailiffs/|hceo (unlikely in lockdown) you needn't have moved....
      28-01-2021, 15:16 PM
    • Landlady refusing to pay tariff charge electricity share. Help appreciated.
      by Maud21
      This is a bit convoluted but I would really appreciate some guidance. Sorry for the long post.

      I moved my family into a property in September. The landlady has 2 properties here. One is empty. The properties belong to her elderly parents and she is managing the houses for them.
      28-01-2021, 07:48 AM
    • Reply to Refurbishments / Unhappy Tenant
      by DPT57
      I agree that you should have foreseen the level of disruption and refused permission for the duration of your tenancy. However, the landlord has a responsibility there too. It is not reasonable for any landlord to impose such a major amount of work on their tenants. I think it would be reasonable for...
      28-01-2021, 15:15 PM
    • Refurbishments / Unhappy Tenant
      by london91

      We live in a two bedroom property in London. I moved in early next year and my housemate moved in shortly after. The landlord said the kitchen would be updated by September, however due to the pandemic and financial reasons, she pushed it back to January 2021. The kitchen and bathroom...
      27-01-2021, 19:38 PM
    • Reply to Finding a County Court Bailiff
      by Slackjawedyokel
      jpkeates Thankyou. I've emailed my solicitor to see whether there is any update. I'm hoping that the warrant has been issued so there are only the twin hurdles of the ban on evictions, and then waiting for bailiff availability to overcome......
      28-01-2021, 15:08 PM
    • Reply to Landlady refusing to pay tariff charge electricity share. Help appreciated.
      by Maud21
      I had to move house this year because my last landlady sold our rented home. Moving during lockdown and being rurally based meant this was the only house that was big enough for me and my children. I wouldn't have agreed had we not been desperate for a home.

      The landlady claimed they had...
      28-01-2021, 14:35 PM