New Landlord - Paying out for multiple issues in the first two months

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    Hi Jenny,
    Appreciate your new to this but would suggest sorting the issues out
    1) Have a look online and get the bulb delivered via amazon to the tenant
    2) Needs to be fixed in a timely manner
    3) Depends how property was advertised. It would be reasonable to have a two bathroom property with one shower and one bath. I would not install a 'power shower'.
    4) Get a handyman to align the doors - wouldn't want it falling down on a T
    5+6) Depending on age of the boiler - I would try and get this replaced particularly in time for winter.
    7) Change the thermostat.

    In all what you will find is that usually at the start of the tenancy there are a few hiccups which would always need addressing and then should all settle down. My advice (others may disagree) is to keep at least the equivalent of 12 months rent in cash as a reserve fund for such situations (particularly if you have a non-paying T).

    Keep receipts for everything - most of the above is tax deductible.


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        I understand where you are coming from, there are little bits and pieces that needed to be done with the the property, the tenants negotiated a £20 per month reduction in the rent, so their rent is £575, they get a three bedroom mews property, with a family bathroom, down stairs loo, and en suite, the property also comes with its own separate garage, it's on a quite cul de sac nearby some outstanding schools! I also considered them when they failed the credit score! As they had good references and a guarantor, the shower I put in, in the bathroom was for when I lived there and the ensuite one was getting fixed back in 2015, the pressure was rubbish but it did for me and my partner at the time, it should still work but I have been told they want a new one due to the pressure. I also am getting quite a lot of negative feedback to the house being on a water meter, I think their old house did not have one and because it's a family of 5 with extra children visiting during the holidays, they keep complaining about the water bills! My bill when I lived there were always under £25, I don't know if the agents told them about the meter but I was not sure if that should be pointed out when people walk round?


          Complaining about the water bill, but want a power shower, FFS!

          Those tenants are never going to be happy Jenny. I suggest they receive a s21 notice at the appropriate point.


            Water Meter is something they should have enquired about - nothing to do with you. I would ensure the inventory makes a record of the reading.

            With regards to this shower issue - I would hold your horses. They took the property as it is. Your responsibility under Section 11 of the HA 1988

            11 Repairing obligations in short leases.

            (1)In a lease to which this section applies (as to which, see sections 13 and 14) there is implied a covenant by the lessor—

            (a)to keep in repair the structure and exterior of the dwelling-house (including drains, gutters and external pipes),

            (b)to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for the supply of water, gas and electricity and for sanitation (including basins, sinks, baths and sanitary conveniences, but not other fixtures, fittings and appliances for making use of the supply of water, gas or electricity), and

            (c)to keep in repair and proper working order the installations in the dwelling-house for space heating and heating water.

            I would suggest sorting the other issues as a priority.

            Make sure you keep a clear record of your communication and ensure you protect T deposit, serve the prescribed info, give them copy of gas safety cert / EPC / How to rent guide / inventory

            Your probably dealing with tenants who will find any excuse not to pay up if they cant afford a metered water bill.


              Be aware that if the meter is in the road/pavement the clerk / agent / home owner, etc cannot take a reading! The water company has to do it!

              But yes, the inventory should identify it, where it is... though I often give up and just type in Not Found

              But I too would count the days until the S21 could be sent!


                Rowlocks Stef, anyone capable can take a meter reading as an external meter should be located just within the property boundary. Regular meter readings may be the only way to detect a post-meter leak. Only qualified engineers can tamper with the meter.


                  Not at all, mariner!

                  Tis all in the guidelines for us clerks. If, as is the case in many of the properties I go to, the meter is outside the property boundary, in the middle of a pavement or in the road (that happens a lot), then I don't even try - unless it is very safe to access and equally easy to lift and read. In some places the water meter cover is on the edge of a pavement, I am not lifting that and peering in.

                  Maybe it's a rural thing, but they aren't the nice easy to lift covers with the swingy polystyrene float! Many have very heavy covers and are fitted very deep, no idea how you are supposed to read them!

                  It has been the topic of many a forum discussion... even water companies say don't lift and read the difficult / unsafe ones. They say to call them and they will come and do it!

                  Given all of that I accede, I should have said should not rather than cannot! Safety first, and all that!


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                  • Reply to MCOL & PCOL
                    by Perce

                    Yes you can start your application now. The sooner the better, I think, as it takes time. My solicitors applied in the middle of Jan but I have not heard anything yet neither from the County Court nor The High Court (I applied to both).

                    As far as I know the tenants...
                    24-01-2021, 19:06 PM
                  • MCOL & PCOL
                    by OS7
                    Hello Everyone,

                    Via Section 21,i have recently been granted a possession order for my property to happen in middle Jan 2021. The tenants are claiming housing benefit and they owe rent arrears and monies just under £7000 - I have applied for MCOL and now currently waiting to request judgement...
                    04-01-2021, 14:16 PM
                  • Reply to Tenant county court claim
                    by alice123
                    I would get the advice of a good solicitor , he will charge but he will be able to help
                    I personally think you did all you could to prevent this and the fact that you have -

                    'we offered a professional mould clean, a dehumidifier and a to visit the flat to inspect the mould ourselves....
                    24-01-2021, 18:51 PM
                  • Tenant county court claim
                    by Jennyturn

                    I would really appreciate some advice before I contact a solicitor.

                    In October my tenant reported that their was water coming in through a extractor fan via our agent. Who sent a contractor who recommended a damp report.

                    I agree to this and it stated damp...
                    24-01-2021, 13:14 PM
                  • Reply to MCOL & PCOL
                    by OS7
                    Thanks Perce.
                    I hope to speak to council tomorrow to let them know my intentions to evict.
                    I also wanted to ask about your HCEO proceedings. Have you heard anyyhing back.
                    Could I also ask as I am going via county court enforcement, could I start the application now for county court...
                    24-01-2021, 18:02 PM
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                    by Neelix
                    a bit like lots of UK benefits...
                    24-01-2021, 17:39 PM
                  • What happens when furlough ends?
                    by JK0
                    A worrying thought has occurred to me tonight. If furlough ends on 30th April, as I believe it's meant to, are we going to find loads more tenants unable to pay their rent?

                    I know one of mine is a taxi driver, and I'm amazed he's managed to come up with the rent so far.

                    23-01-2021, 19:40 PM
                  • Reply to Renting to a housing professional
                    by Hudson01
                    Covid or not, no one will walk over any of my rental thresholds without me first meeting them, never have and never will, I put this alone down to why after many years in the BTL arena i have had zero arrears and zero notable issues.

                    Its sounds odd behavior, that alone would be a no.
                    24-01-2021, 17:24 PM
                  • Renting to a housing professional
                    by Celibin
                    I have advertised a good size flat in a small town via an established Letting agent. A chap who lives some 60 miles away and will be working from home has got a colleague locally to visit the place and an offer has been made on it. (e will not be seeing the flat himself (as far as I am aware) and prefers...
                    22-01-2021, 15:49 PM
                  • Reply to What happens when furlough ends?
                    by Hudson01
                    I can see that point of view, my concern is the length of it and how people can easily become comfortable in getting paid very well for doing nothing at all, then getting back to work. My job has meant i have worked throughout the pandemic and in fact have been even more busy than normal, i have talked...
                    24-01-2021, 17:09 PM