when is a tenancy a holiday let?

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    Originally posted by gregpeck View Post
    I rented a property for 15 days and there is a dispute issue.
    Why did you rent the property for only 15 days?


      He's talking about 'long term' damage that is unlikely to have been caused in just 15 days.

      If you had ripped his shower off the wall, damaged the shower cubicle, broken the table, etc. then he would have a claim against you.
      But not for what you are telling us.


        Actually we know nothing. Just a vague, imprecise unclear snippet of what he purportedly did. OP needs to test his case in court.


          Originally posted by Mrs Mug View Post
          Why did you rent the property for only 15 days?
          I was moving home. I found that more convenient than staying with a friend. Another question was why 400 pounds. I honestly thought that it was normal. This is in London.


            Send LBA then sue him, MCoL..

            For guidance

            Good luck!

            (He sounds like a crooked cheat but this ain;t a deposit protection issue as it ain't an AST... )
            I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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            • Can I charge...
              I have paid an agent to market my property. They have found a tenant who was due to move in yesterday. The dates have already been delayed once. They have paid 3 months advance rent and a 5 week deposit. All paperwork has been prepared and checked by all parties. The tenant has now decided they don't...
              17-08-2019, 12:08 PM
            • Reply to Can I charge...
              Who says this is a holding deposit? It sounds like a contract. Nowhere does it say holding deposit.

              Who says that is true? And in any case the tenancy was due to start "yesterday"

              I see no evidence that that is appropriate or necessary...
              17-08-2019, 19:47 PM
            • Reply to Can I charge...
              What does it state in the Reservation Agreement/Holding Deposit Agreement (HDA)? Based on what you have stated there is a legal case to retain any Holding Deposit but this should be made clear in the HDA. Retaining other monies is not advisable. There are some other questions this raises such as why...
              17-08-2019, 18:27 PM
            • Is this normal tenant behaviour?
              Hi all,
              Currently in the process of vetting a tenant who has a respectable job, wife and two kids. We agreed a tenancy in principle with him paying my gardener for maintaining the garden.Then he came back and said he would rather use his own gardener and pay - I agreed.
              Then he comes back...
              13-08-2019, 05:48 AM
            • Reply to Is this normal tenant behaviour?
              I agree that another tenant is the way to go, you have too much on your mind regarding him to be comfortable with it should it go ahead, but i do agree with another post that if i were the tenant i 100% would not want that cctv system monitoring me as i come and go and which of my friends visit me etc,...
              17-08-2019, 17:48 PM
            • Reply to Can I charge...
              But it could be. The default position is that the tenant is going to be paying rent and all costs of re-letting until an entirely suitable new tenant is found (which may be a lot more than 1 month of rent). The alternative is that the tenancy could be surrendered by mutual agreement, and under such...
              17-08-2019, 17:33 PM
            • Local Authority HB Direct Payment
              I am thinking of taking on a Tenant claiming Housing benefit, but would like to at least attempt to ensure the local authority pay me directly and the Tenant doesn't change this. I have heard others put a clause in the AST requiring the tenant to request a direct payment, and a letter to the local authority...
              16-08-2019, 13:28 PM
            • Reply to Local Authority HB Direct Payment
              I agree with the above, i may well be '' prejudice'' as i work in a job which puts me in direct contact on a daily basis with a lot of individuals who claim all manner of benefits, i have seen sights which at the beginning shocked me in regards what they get up too but now i know its simply in their...
              17-08-2019, 16:27 PM
            • Potential New Tenancy - Serious doubts
              Hi there,

              So I have a tenant lined up for my property. Having done the usual checks everything seems to be good so I have verbally said they can take on the tenancy and have taken a small holding deposit.

              Since, doing some checks via social media and I have found the tenant...
              17-08-2019, 09:34 AM
            • Reply to Potential New Tenancy - Serious doubts
              A wise decision, and as said its the lack of integrity that would worry me not him having a partner who wanted to live with him, plenty more out there.
              17-08-2019, 16:10 PM