Fair damp related compensation?

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    Fair damp related compensation?

    I'd say that it's my fault for letting the heating issue cause the mould.
    Just wondering how much to compensate for her mistress that's been damaged?
    She's leaving in august, as agreed.

    A new mattress on Amazon can be bought for £70.
    Would 50% be fair compensation as she would have used it before?

    Whoa, a bit more background please. Mistresses can be expensive.


      I've not asked how expensive the mattress was.

      The damp was caused about 6 months ago as the heating system didn't fully work in all rooms.
      I had that fixed after a month and also a piv unit installed.
      I only assume its still the same damp which must have penetrated the mattress and is just showing now.

      She does keep windows open and is a clean person so I don't think it's her fault this came about now

      She is leaving in 3 months but don't want to be sly and just not give anything


        we could go round in circles trying to get the full information to determine IF ANY of it is YOUR fault, but it seems like youre happy to pay compensation. so offer what you want to !!


          As you are going to gut the place ( at much cost ) via other threads, then offer £ 70, and tell her she can leave mattress there.

          You never know what people will do if you upset them by not pandering to them occasionally ( Note - occasionally )
          People can find other faults if they think you are not being fair, even contacting the council about damp rooms if they feel hard done by.

          You are going to lose thousands in lost rent while you refurbish, so £ 70 will not be missed.


            Originally posted by mariner View Post
            Mistresses can be expensive.
            particularly if you have to replace them along with a mattress


              I hope she's not a cruel mistress.

              Also, £70 for a mattress. My back hurts just thinking about it...


                Originally posted by Sunil235 View Post
                I'd say that it's my fault for letting the heating issue cause the mould.
                Just wondering how much to compensate for her mistress that's been damaged?
                She's leaving in august, as agreed.
                Will tenant be staying on when mistress leaves?


                  sounds like a case of domestic abuse to me!


                    Can't stop laughing! Sorry


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