Advice for a tenant - no hot water

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    Advice for a tenant - no hot water

    Hi everyone.

    The hot water hasn't been working for over 3 weeks in my flat now. The letting agency has given us numerous excuses since it started. We reported in straight away and after 5 days (and a number of calls and emails) can we were told a plumber would call. We had a missed call from a number we didn't know, and no voicemail. I risked calling back and thankfully it was the plumber - but he hadn't tried to get back in touch or leave a message.

    Anyway I was then a little perturbed to be told that he'd just picked up a key from out estate agent and would be popping round shortly. Both at work, we were unable to be there to greet him. Do you not think we should be consulted before out key is handed out a contractor? Equally, he said he'd only had an email about our issue that day - five days after we'd reported it.

    Anyway, he apparently couldnt fix is because we have a 'unique' kind of boiler, and so they would be sending out a 'specialist'. I took the afternoon off work (4 days later - the earliest he could come) to meet him at the flat was pretty annoyed to find that he was actually a gas engineer - and we have an electric boiler (some specialist!). He had a look at it anyway, and guessed that it was a faulty part that would need to be replaced. 11 days later the part is no were to be seen, the agent seems adament to blame the contractor and we're still without hot water.

    Any advice of what we can do about this? Are we entitled to any form of rent compensation? Or are we able to get in seen independently?

    You write (yes, WRITE! - keep copy) to Landlord (yes, Landlord) copy agent reporting any repair issues. (Email of poss, obvs..)

    Herewith guidance & draft letter...

    It is the landlord you have the contract with & who has the responsibility to provide any service...
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Sounds pretty bad.

      Just a couple of things for now:

      a) Do you have an electric shower, or is that fed from this same hot water?
      b) I wouldn't be uppity about restricting times of workman visits (though what has happened is not acceptable). It can be extremely difficult coordinating things so don't stick extra spanners in the works or provide them with any extra (legitimate) excuses. Ask agent to give you the details for the relevant engineer and you will coordinate an urgent visit yourself.


        It is a bit foggy currently to me. Do you have gas and if yes is it a combination boiler or a system boiler? A system boiler will have a hot water tank and combination boiler will not. What is the brand of the boiler? If you DO NOT have a gas boiler do you have a straight forward electric heater for hot water to shower/kitchen. What is the brand of the heater there will be a label on the front cover. In either event the agent who is managing the property on behalf of the landlord and he is responsible for the provision and maintenance of services. The agent has a duty to provide a repair and any decent agent has trades they can call out at very short notice. The comment by the "gas man" that there is a part broken is blinding obvious. For most boilers of any type spares can usual be obtained on over night delivery. It is ENTIRELY the agent`s responsibility to get it sorted and if you want it sorted then let the repair man in even though you cannot be there alternatively fix a time for him to be there. from such facts as you give you are being given the runaround so advice out your assertive/angry head on with the Manager of the seemingly inadequate agent. Do not under any circumstances bring your own man in as that will invalidate any safety certificates neither withhold your rent. In summary getgo after the manager by both phone email and face to face as you are getting the run around. Advise if minded boiler/heater details


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