Deposit refunded. Does that mean the DPS decision is now 100%final?

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  • jpkeates
    There's no such thing as "certainty" that someone won't do anything in future.
    The DPS decision doesn't bind a court.

    There's a six year time limit on most civil actions, so you're probably "safe" in 2023.

    As the dps don't normally return money unless a tenant has agreed to that, I suspect that the tenant has actually agreed to your claims anyway.

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  • dmk1198
    If they can't get hold of tenant in 14 days u get the lot
    Either way be happy
    Tenant can't touch you now
    A decision wasn't needed

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  • Deposit refunded. Does that mean the DPS decision is now 100%final?

    The DPS refunded the full amount of the claim I made on exiting tenants deposit for damages they left me with. It simply arrived in the account and I've had no other comment from the dps or the letting agent concerned, that the DPS found in my favour and the decision is final and case closed now. I'm concerned the tenant might be able to change that decision/get money back. I need it to recover costs I was left with so cant afford to pay it back if they dispute it in future. Its all new to me this. What I need to know is simple, is the DPS payment to me irevocable now it has been made? I would have expected some written notice that the dps found in my favour, but have not had any. Apologies if this seems a silly question but I just want to be sure. Many thanks indeed.

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