Tenant goes absent.

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    Tenant goes absent.

    Hi Everyone,

    I've had a tenant renting a room from me for five months. He's always paid his rent and I've always got on great with him though I've never met him. We wer supposed to sign a tenancy contract back in February but he said he was working late and we never met.

    Two weeks ago we were supposed to meet up again when I travelled north from London to rent out a couple of rooms in the house - one of them being his as he said in a text he was moving out. He was out when I got there and never showed up all day. He would not answer his phone or reply to several texts I sent.

    That was two weeks ago now and strangest of all he is no longer staying / sleeping in his room. It all seemed so out of character and in twenty years of renting rooms this has never happened to me before. He didn't owe me any rent when he went AWOL.

    I was so concerned that I contacted the police to see if he had been found dead or alive but they have been unable to locate him.

    So what do I do now. Obviously I need to rent the room out again but can't until I here from him or is that right? His phone goes straight to answer machine and he doesn't reply to texts. He's been a tenant since February 5th 2017 but has not signed a tenancy agreement.

    Can I remove his belongings to a safe place within the house till he shows up and try and rent his room.

    LATEST UPDATE TONIGHT - I have discovered via another tenant his room has been emptied of his possessions, his room door is still locked and i presume he still has the keys and it appears he's taken the broadband router as it's gone. should I call the police and report this as theft? can I change the locks? All forthcoming advice would be greatly received. Thanks in advance, Richard

    Please answer the questions in the link below with exact dates.



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