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    {Mod - company name removed} question please

    Hi all, we have given notice on a lease with {Mod - company name removed} who run the govt. asylum seeker contract, and they have had three months notice which ends this weekend. However, we have not been contacted at all about the handover/giving keys back and when I have chased the company, is is very hard to get hold of anyone. I managed to get the information that the asylum seekers have not been moved out of the house. I feel panicky that the company is just going to try and hold on to the house, even thought we have written proof of the end of the lease. It is a young family in the house so we couldn't just take possession. I would really appreciate anyones views on this, thanks in advance.

    That was always going to happen. Why did you let to them?


      Originally posted by propertyhelp34 View Post
      It is a young family in the house so we couldn't just take possession.
      Just for your info, it makes no difference at all that it's a young family in the house...


        When you have evicted your tenant (company) if family still there they probably become your tenants

        What made you want to rent to the company in the 1st place? What did they promise (in writing?) that was so attractive?
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          What were the T&C's re cancellation of your Contract with your Tenant (Co)?
          Did it provide for 'vacant possession' on termination of Contract?


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            John Duff
            There have always been clauses to that effect in my TAs. However, having spelt that out to tenants at signing, many will ignore. Expect to be awarded peanuts from deposit.

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            If they're joint tenants, you can only end the tenancy for both of them (notice and court will be required if one of them is reluctant to go).
            You can supply the EPC and How to Rent guide before serving notice (but make sure the How to Rent guide is the right version).

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            My current tenant has 2 kids and living in my 2 bed flat.
            the kids are a 5 years old girl and a 6 months old baby boy.
            recently, I came to know that the tenant’s wife is pregnant.
            by law, can they stay in 2 bed flat with 3 kids?

            Please advise.
            16-10-2019, 14:10 PM
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            John Duff
            Sorry haven't read the full thread re. overcrowding but here's my story:

            Couple rented my 2 bed with 2 children working part LHA. They really wanted a council house from day 1. Council advised to find accommodation in PRS and they were placed low down on waiting list.

            18-10-2019, 14:33 PM
          • Reply to tenant with 3 kids
            I am safe as a landlord until the 3rd kid is MORE than 1 year.
            - or -
            I am safe as a landlord WHILST the 3rd kid is less than 1 year....
            18-10-2019, 14:29 PM
          • Reply to Repossession query
            EPC certainly was - to be underway prior to advertising it.

            You might find it impossible to evict using s21. Is there an EPC - certainly get one & serve on tenants. Are you sure everything else OK??? see
            18-10-2019, 14:26 PM
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