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    {Mod - company name removed} question please

    Hi all, we have given notice on a lease with {Mod - company name removed} who run the govt. asylum seeker contract, and they have had three months notice which ends this weekend. However, we have not been contacted at all about the handover/giving keys back and when I have chased the company, is is very hard to get hold of anyone. I managed to get the information that the asylum seekers have not been moved out of the house. I feel panicky that the company is just going to try and hold on to the house, even thought we have written proof of the end of the lease. It is a young family in the house so we couldn't just take possession. I would really appreciate anyones views on this, thanks in advance.

    That was always going to happen. Why did you let to them?


      Originally posted by propertyhelp34 View Post
      It is a young family in the house so we couldn't just take possession.
      Just for your info, it makes no difference at all that it's a young family in the house...


        When you have evicted your tenant (company) if family still there they probably become your tenants

        What made you want to rent to the company in the 1st place? What did they promise (in writing?) that was so attractive?
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          What were the T&C's re cancellation of your Contract with your Tenant (Co)?
          Did it provide for 'vacant possession' on termination of Contract?


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            is damage imo, not wear and tear.

            may or may not be fair wear and tear....
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            That is probably meaningless for ASTs now that there is mandatory deposit protection....
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            There seems to be 2 different deposits here.

            The tenancy deposit is to cover any damage to the property at the end of the tenancy and has to be protected by law, and it is to your advantage if that is done by the LL rather by the agent. (For various reasons).

            Any holding deposit...
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            No I don't think that's right unless there is evidence to suggest the landlord is not going to protect the deposit. It is possible he favours a scheme the letting agents don't use and so he does the admin protection himself. Is it materially changing the terms of the contract? I'm not sure it is, although...
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            by law, can they stay in 2 bed flat with 3 kids?

            Please advise.
            16-10-2019, 14:10 PM
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            According to the shelter links, yes.

            It seems that if the property was not overcrowded when they moved in, then they can have as many children thereafter as they like and it will not become overcrowded.

            However, if there is selective licencing, then it may be overcrowded according...
            17-10-2019, 17:59 PM
          • Reply to Change in offer letter conditions
            Because the offer that he accepted is not the one that forms the basis of the main contract....
            17-10-2019, 17:40 PM