DPS arbitration, will I win?

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    Originally posted by JK0 View Post
    I wonder if o/p's rent was set crazily high, and that the only way tenant could afford it was to sublet rooms? In that case, I guess the adjudicator has a point.

    I'm almost coming to the view that the agent was 'in on the scam'.
    Crazy talk lol tenant was scam artiste,knew he worked mostly in Germany,used us to rent out on airbnb for £400 anite!


      Originally posted by Notyetagain View Post
      I see your point jpkeates, OP did state in one of his first post that he told the tenant that he needed to go when he found a new tenant and it is only when he found the family leaving there that he said to go right away, so really, he could have chosen to continue looking for a new tenant and only asked him to then. He was lucky he got away without giving notice.
      I did this and he kept sub letting! Couldn't trust him once I found this out
      Thank **** he agreed to go easily thou
      Rent was £2700 pcm


        Originally posted by Stef Cooke View Post
        That certainly is a tale of woefully inadequate agent actions!

        Be prepared to be told to pay him for the repairs he undertook... and to have him chase up the overpayment issue too!!
        He wouldn't have the brass cheek surely!?


          Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
          To be fair, I don't think it's the agent's fault entirely - unless they are the party trying to make the claims.

          The tenant fitted a tv bracket, caused a loss and compensated the landlord for it.

          The subletting fees are a loss and the landlord has been compensated for it.

          The tenant has complensated the landlord for their loss beyond fair wear and tear (plus the radiator repair), which seems a sensible outcome.
          The tenant has done nothing thru choice
          ADR gave me money to repair TV wall bracket damage only
          Other sum goes to block Mgmt for their time dealing with airbnb tenants mess


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