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    Using the discretionary grounds have been mentioned in this thread.
    Here is what the respected Tessa Shepperson has to say on the subject;

    However please bear in mind that for private landlords, the discretionary grounds are in most cases, MOST inadvisable.
    (The linked article sets out the reasons why.)


      Thanks for these answers. Yes - I'm definitely in the business of limiting my losses at this point. What I didn't follow up on re the earlier thread was that I did manage to return the deposit to him.
      He can still counterclaim because the deposit was protected late, but not for the purposes of s21 (which has now been served) no deposit is currently held and so s21 is still possible.

      What I didn't want to know is whether it's necessary to give 2 weeks notice or something before starting MCOL? Or can I just get on with it?

      Following a visit to Brixton police station on Saturday, CID seem to have expressed an interest in pursuing him for impersonation (in providing false references, and false letters from banks), so am spending part of today putting together a dossier on his mis-deeds. We'll see where it goes.


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