Help! Other tenants smoking cigarettes and weed in the property!

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    Help! Other tenants smoking cigarettes and weed in the property!

    Hello there

    I'm completely new here and desperate for some advice.

    I am a tenant, I share a house with three other tenants. We each have our own tenancy agreement which we have signed, and have been signed by guarantors. In the tenancy agreement it says the house is non-smoking and we all agreed not to smoke in the house. We are all smokers - I smoke outside the property if I do smoke at all, never inside.

    The other tenants, however, smoke every day in the house with all the windows shut and the house absolutely stinks. No amount of airing-out will get rid of the smell. I have asked them to stop or smoke outside but they refuse. I find it incredibly disrespectful to me and my guarantor. I also worry that I will not get my deposit back at the end of the fixed-term contract (1 year).

    Not only this but they also smoke weed. They smoke weed every day, all day, with all the windows shut. They have a dealer who regularly comes over and they buy their weed (and other drugs) off him. The smell permeates everything. Even with my bedroom door shut, the smell permeates my clothes and my room.

    I really need advice on how to make this stop. Is there a way they could get a warning from the landlord? If so, how can I ensure that I am not included in that warning? If the landlord is made aware of this, how can I protect myself and my deposit? Also, who do I even go to to raise this issue? I'm completely clueless but can't stomach it anymore.

    Any advice would be warmly received!


    Did you all sign seperate tenancy agreements (ie for your own bedrooms with lockable doors) or have you signed an AST all together?


      The obvious person to tell it the landlord or their agent. Are there no 3 monthly inspections of the property?

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        We signed an AST together and there are no monthly inspections. The landlord seems to want as little to do with us as possible. We simply pay our rent on time.


          You should report this in writing to the Agent asap, (keep a copy of the letter). As drugs are involved it would be risky for them to ignore it. If your bottom line is that you can't go on with the current situation then tell them that you would like to surrender the tenancy early under the circumstances.


            Report your flat mates drug use to Police and give Dealer's name.


              Crimestoppers website has a section where you can submit info anon without identifying yourself if that's better for you


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