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    Rent in advance

    I paid 6 weeks in advance when I moved into my property. No deposit wanted. I have just given notice to leave 6 weeks .now my landlord tells me I have to carry on paying rent till I leave . He will then check the property and take money from the advanced money if needed. is that even legal if he is treating it as a bond it should have gone into the bond scheme right.

    Your landlord may have a problem. If your rental period is monthly then some or all of the 6 weeks advance may be a deposit, depending on the wording of your agreement. Certainly what he is suggesting now indicates that. Ask him to put it in writing.


      At first reading I would agree with you.
      However would LL have granted a Tenancy unless you paid the advance requested?
      Unless LL notifies you of any deductions after check out. what evidence do you have of a 'deposit' being paid?


        What does your AST state?.

        It can't be rent in advance AND a deposit. I would write to landlord and request a written reply.

        Advise you were happy to pay rent in advance, but if it is now to be used as a deposit against damage, you would like details of the deposit scheme it was held in.

        If it isn't in a scheme he would be silly to pursue this and I would simply withold the 6 weeks rent. There isn't anything he can do except take you to court, you could then pursue your own claim of the deposit wasn't protected

        Seems he wants to have his cake and eat it.



          Don't leave the place dirty and broken, pay what the landlord asks, and get a good reference?


            When did you move into the property?

            Are you saying that at or before the start of the tenancy, you made a payment equal to 6 weeks rent to the Landlord, but also made a payment for the first months rent, followed by monthly payments of the rent up until now?

            Does your tenancy agreement make any reference to the payment equal to 6 months rent?



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