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    Find Landlord of specific property

    Hello and please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong place.
    I literally know nothing about renting.

    We (myself, my family and several neighbours) have a problem with one particular neighbour who rents. They regularly burn carpets, chairs, settees, general furniture, and tend to do so from 8:00 p.m. until gone midnight.
    I know this sounds odd, you would think they would run out of things to burn, but new furniture appears in their garden every few weeks and they burn it. It is strange.

    Anyhow, contacting the council, which is the proper route to go down, has resulted in several notices being given to these residents but that is as far as it can go. To take things further they would have to catch these people in the act, and can only come out to investigate during office hours. The problem is outside of office hours, so nothing more can be done by the council.
    The people themselves are abusive to anyone who broaches the subject with them.
    The substances being burned are a health hazard, carcinogenic etc, and the problem is a persistent one.

    The police will not investigate. I understand, it's not considered a major crime, but it actually could be considering the potential for this to literally ruin peoples health.

    The only option left that we can see is to contact their landlord, but I have no idea who this is, except that it's a private landlord. To set the scene these houses started off privately owned but as people move out more (and various) private landlords are buying these properties.

    Is there any way that I could find out the contact details of a landlord at any given address please?

    Kind regards.

    I bet I know why they burn settees.

    It'll be to get the metal springs out to sell for scrap. Maybe council would take more interest if you point out it is a commercial operation going on.

    BTW, you can get the details of the owner for a few pounds from land registry.


      Spend £3 with land registry, get deeds, establish who owns it & what address it's registered at.

      a) If landlord is stupid or on the fiddle the address may be given as the property &
      b) (Less likely) you don't have to own somewhere to be landlord: You just need authority to let it out.

      But, if stuck, ask other neighbours, local lettings agents, postman, or write to him c/o the address.

      In Scotland all landlords must be registered & their names & addresses available, for free, on a public website. Come on Engerland, catch up!
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...



        Thank you very much indeed for your reply and your tips. We never thought about the Registry and were completely flummoxed as to where to turn next until you pointed that out, so thank you very very much.

        Thank you too JK0


          Put a sealed letter through the letterbox addressed to 'the property owner" - if you think the tenets my open it then write a letter saying that you are looking to buy properties in the area and ask that the owner contact you (with an email address set up for this purpose only). Once the landlord/owner contacts you then you can explain the problem.


            Don't expect much from the Landlord. All their can do is give notice if they are not on a fixed term, or take them to court on the basis of some legal grounds which they are unlikely to want to do if they are paying on time and not causing them any trouble.


              Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post

              In Scotland all landlords must be registered & their names & addresses available, for free, on a public website. Come on Engerland, catch up!
              Are all Scottish landlords registered or is it just the law abiding ones?
              Do you think the kind of landlord in this thread would bother registering?
              What percentage of Scottish landlords have been prosecuted for not registering?
              How much has this failed scheme cost per rogue landlord caught?
              How many rogue landlords has this created?


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