renting out rooms in second home, and using it part-time

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    renting out rooms in second home, and using it part-time

    Hi Folks

    New to this forum and came across it via google as a similar question to mine was posed a few years ago here

    In essence, I'm moving away in a few months for work but hope to return at some point in the future, so while buying where I'm moving to, I'm also planning on keeping my current property. I've been told I can have permission to let. I'd like to rent out two rooms and keep the third tiny one for my occasional use as I will be returning here for work on a very irregular basis, e.g. once-twice per month.

    Does anyone know of any impediments to me doing this please? Someone elsewhere said that as the tenants wont be lodgers and will need ASTs then I simply can't come and go as I choose. I can't find anything for or against this as it doesn't appear to be a regular scenario. Any helpful advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

    You're right, it is hard to find anything out on this subject via Google, which is normally very informative. I tried to look into before I ended up renting my old house out, and really struggled to find any answers to my own question about who is liable to Council Tax on the property. I wrote to my council to ask but just got a nonsensical answer back that didn't address the issue. I'm fairly sure you can't claim the rent a room tax relief if it's not your main home. It looks like my local council will also be making anyone in this situation register as a landlord under the new licensing scheme it's bringing in, too.

    This is a really good forum and there are some people on it who are incredibly knowledgeable about the law, so I'm sure you'll get an answer very soon about the AST issue etc. In the end, it all seemed too complicated for me and I just rented the house out instead.


      IMO your occupants will be tenants, not lodgers, and you cannot claim rent a room tax relief, but you will still be their non-resident LL.

      As owner, you are ultimately resp for C Tax, so consider renting 2 larger rooms to 2 non-students for £x + 1/3 C Tax total rent on a room only only + communal area basis and reserve smallest room for self. Tech 3 or more occupants of property would make it an HMO (LL resp for C Tax and poss any HMO modifications regd by Council).
      Or just rent whole property to 2-3 joint Ts (poss students) and stay in a local B&B on your occ return to area.
      Just be upfront with any Ts over who you are (LL) if you decide to occupy 'spare' room.


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