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    Landlord access


    I have had a knock at the door today (I live in apartment block). There was a workman at the door who said he was here to fix the boiler. The boiler works and I wasn't given notice. I was on the phone and my boyfriend was here and asked if I should have had notice and they left.

    Was it wrong that they weren't allowed access?

    I am worried because the new agent requested a reference from them today and they have been so difficult already. I've got a feeling he was sent round to try get in.

    They are a nightmare and I feel harassed in the home, they just send people round whenever and this is the first time they've been refused.

    The standard practice is that the landlord must give you 24 hours written notice, although it doesn't stop you for allowing access informally.

    If the boiler is working fine, then why are they there? Have a look on your CP12 gas certificate and see which date it must be renewed (they should be due once per year).

    If the agent requested a reference from him, then it sounds like you are familiar with this workman?


      Unless landlord or agent has let you know someone is coming, why & when, then you are quite right to decline entry.

      However, do we conclude you are leaving and the new agent for your new home needs a reference from old agent? If so, check with old agent so they don't get p!$$ed off...
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...



        I don't have a certificate although someone did come to do that in October last year although I was not made aware of that either they just let themselves in! I don't know why he was here, he just left when access was refused.

        Sorry I didn't explain properly, the workman works for the letting agents so I meant the agents have been asked for a reference today.

        I have let access on multiple occasions without any prior notice but to be fair I've had enough of them.


          "Sorry I didn't explain properly, the workman works for the letting agents so I meant the agents have been asked for a reference today."

          I don't get it. Why would the agent need a reference? from who?

          I have no idea why a workman needs to look at your boiler if the gas safety certificate is in order, and there is nothing wrong with the boiler.
          That would concern me greatly. I would have asked why he was there when the boiler is fine.
          Providing there is no other problems with the property, leaking taps or faulty electrics, then I see no reason for the visit. You might want to ask him AND the agent about that.

          How many times have people been to your place, who were they, and why were they there?
          You could claim harassment in this case.

          I never bother my tenants or visit them.. (unless I have to.)


            Various possible reasons...

            - The place needs a gas safety cert & it's entirely legit, but someone forgot to let you know.
            - He knocked on the wrong door

            - He's a crook after your stuff..

            etc etc etc

            Just ask landlord/agent, who is this person, why are they here..

            If you are in the place, have been for some time, thank the agent kindly for their request for a reference but no, you won't be, thanks!
            I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


              I am leaving on the 27th march so the new potential agent has contacted my current agent for a reference. the landlord/agent are a nightmare anyway and have been throughout. I was wondering if they've sent him to check out the property before they do the reference? I would more than happily allow them to do an inspection as I have nothing to hide but not without notice or with someone lying about reasons for attending.

              I feel quite unnerved about it, I am going to contact them and ask why he was knocking on my door requesting access without notice or reason.

              They've been for various reasons all unannounced. Usually it is to look at something. I reported when I moved in (April 2015) a leak and then came round unannounced late last year to fix it and left me with no water or heating. I didn't know anything about it until I returned home to workmen in the house!


                Yeah, if it wasn't an emergency they shouldn't have been there.
                Since you're moving out, they were probably just checking if the place had been damaged.
                However, It's unclear why a registered gas engineer would be sent.
                You were right to refuse access. he could have been anyone. I wouldn't allow them in unless the landlord had told me someone was coming.

                Regardless, you only have another month so I wouldn't start causing any arguments right now (It may affect your future reference)
                But I agree it's time to move.

                If it really is an issue then perhaps phoning the agent and asking them for prior notice would be helpful if they require access again.
                Explain you shouldn't just be allowing any strange people into your home without ID and without warning.
                (it's fine if the landlord has given them permission to carry out any work, but strange people who you don't know should be treated with caution.


                  More generally with regard to landlord's right of access:

                  As far as I understand it, the only situations where the landlord cannot be refused access according to statute and/or established case law is 1) in an emergency situation, presumably something like a large escape of water, gas leak, etc. or 2) when giving at least 24 hours notice and for the purpose of inspection. So therefore getting non-essential/emergency work done, showing future tenants around, etc., are both cases where the tenant can simply refuse even if suitable notice WAS given.

                  However as a tenant if your agreement states the landlord's right to access for repairs, showing prospective tenants, etc. and you 100% refuse to accommodate and were it to ever end up in court, I doubt the courts would look favourably on such blanket refusal. The key consideration is 'reasonable' behaviour



                    Thank you. I have no issue allowing them access with notice and have allowed access with no notice previously for repairs but I genuinely have no idea why he came round today. He went to a flat upstairs aswell so who knows.

                    when the time comes for viewings I am going to try make some arrangements with them about when would be suitable for us both.


                      I'd bet it was the wrong address - no one fixes a working boiler.
                      It's most likely a cock up rather than anything more complicated.
                      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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