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    Then you definitely need to be threatening claiming a penalty.

    Write to her with your bank statement attached showing when deposit was paid. Advise her she has 650 towards any damage already, and that you are disappointed she seeks yet more money.

    Advise her that you are aware you are entitled to make a claim for your deposit returned in full plus a penalty of up to X 3 and you are willing to give up this right to claim if her demands for further payments and texts stop.

    Advise if she doesn't accept your offer then to treat your request as a letter before action and you will be seeking to resolve the matter in court.

    That should get the message to her.


      I fear the issue of "was there a deposit paid at all" must be more complex than you suggest. If you can show an entry on a bank statement with the transferee the same as the exact bank account on the tenancy agreement, then it will be straightforward.[/QUOTE]

      I have requested a copy of the bank statement with the payment on and dug out our tenancy agreement, they only thing i can't obtain is the email stating that i had sent it, we were actually still living in Oxford when i paid the first months rent and deposit. When we had our sign out check on the 20th everything was fine, 23rd she called us back with a big list, i mentioned that she had the deposit, she very quickly replied 'you never paid one' i immediately challenged this and said yes it was paid prior to the tenancy starting with the first months rent, i offered to obtain the bank statement she said no it's ok, wrote on the list of repairs deposit received. Yet 2 months after the tenancy ends she is asking for money to make repairs.

      I suppose maybe i am being naive to think that we can sort this calmly and amicably, I don't like conflict at all and i didn't want to play hard ball as we are not entirely blameless.


        did she sign the document on which it says deposit received? Did the deposit match the rent or is it fairly obvious that the amount paid before you moved in included a deposit?What exactly did the tenancy agreement say regarding a deposit?

        I would try to get written acknowledgment from her that she has had £650.

        Once you are satisfied you can prove a deposit was paid write the letter before action staing that you will claim a penalty of 3 times deposit unless she agrees to accept that your deposit was full and final settlement, or if you feel so inclined offer to pay a set sum of money in excess of that. You could send a copy of this article

        I wouldnt rent a property that stank of dog but she will probably find other tenants with pets prepared to do so. A landlady prepared to accept children and pets will find another tenant.


          See post 10


            Sadly it is hard to judge a person on the internet Tommy so i will try not to take your opinion personally


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            • Reply to Section 21
              by Perce
              It is not clear yet what is going to happen with evictions. The ban may be extended till the end of the year. It is becoming almost impossible to evict a tenant. The government will make a decision shortly....
              29-05-2020, 20:24 PM
            • Section 21
              by zrux

              My tenant was struggling to pay rent, they wanted to move to council house. And asked me to serve notice.
              I served them the section 21 Notice on 28Apr2020 and gave them 4 months to vacate the property on 31-Aug

              Since then the tenant says he doesn't want to move out...
              28-05-2020, 13:18 PM
            • Reply to Section 21
              by MdeB
              Yes for S8G8, but for the discretionary grounds it is for the LL to persuade the judge....
              29-05-2020, 19:56 PM
            • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
              by Stew
              I understand you are upset but chase the person named on the lease, if they are together still it will impact the both of them so chasing for the CCJ on the named tenant will still impact the one not named as it will carry forward with them if they don't pay right away and when they try and rent again...
              29-05-2020, 18:55 PM
            • Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
              by MadLL
              Apologies if I have posted this before, but I cannot find my original post, if I did indeed post!
              I rented my property to a tenant. I knew at the start of the tenancy that the partner planned to move in at a later date, although the tenant denied the partner ever moved in as I expect they did...
              29-05-2020, 17:30 PM
            • Reply to The tenant won't pay due rent
              by Perce

              I agree and this is a problem. Very difficult to find someone you can trust that they would do a good job.

              It looks like one has to become a solicitor first to be able to deal with solicitors. Solicitors forget half of the things you tell them, make errors, expect...
              29-05-2020, 18:52 PM
            • The tenant won't pay due rent
              by Uklondoner
              The tenant just told me he can't pay not even half and didn't apply for benefit probably doesn't know how to. He said I can call Police. What to do now? I know the government back people like him....
              18-04-2020, 18:34 PM
            • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
              by Hudson01
              I can not see you getting anywhere with the ex tenants partner but i totally agree you should chase the non paying tenant until the end of time, its is the previous landlords in not going after the arrears which then caused your tenant to be able to not pay you...... somewhere a stand has to be mad...
              29-05-2020, 18:38 PM
            • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
              by Perce
              Send your ex tenant a 14 days pre action letter first....
              29-05-2020, 18:33 PM
            • Reply to Section 21
              by Perce
              The tenant should move to a cheaper accommodation which he can afford....
              29-05-2020, 18:31 PM