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    Checkout - denied request to be present

    New to the forum, but have been reading for a while some very interesting posts from LL and T's, thank you.

    2 and a half weeks ago I gave notice to LL, including a follow up email and heard nothing back whilst I understand it is only common courtesy to reply, I thought it was a bit off.

    Anyway, 2 days ago LA contacted me to come and take photos, so I now know LL received notice and has put it on rental market again.

    I have been a tenant for 22 months and admittingly in the early days of my tenancy my rent payments were a bit all over the place paying fortnightly rather than monthly but at all times kept LL in the loop. When I took on the property I knew it was up for sale and have always been on side with the estate agents allowing access for viewings and we have a good relationship and they always noted how clean, tidy and in good repair I keep the property.

    My issues now is I think my LL is a little miffed that I'm moving out whilst it is still on the sales market and will obviously leave her without any rental income for a while. I am concerned she will not give me a good reference.

    Would it be appropriate to ask the sales agent if he would be prepared to act as a reference on the state of the property side of things as he has visited regularly during my tenancy and I can show last few months bank statements backing up rental payments for the financial side when I let my next place.

    Many thanks for any help with this one.

    The property has been for sale for 22 months? Whats wrong with it?

    If property is managed by agent they will give youa reference.


      Like LL, they should give you an honest ref which should rent payments, as well as condition of property throughout your T.
      Personally I take little note of any ref provided by LA nor T.



        Hi, I should make it clear the LA and the sales agent are two different people, LA doesn't manage it just let's it for the LL. The sales agent has been visiting regularly to do viewings....

        What's wrong with it, where do I start! But then I'd be going right off topic LOL!


          I don't give references or take any notice of them.
          It's never been an issue as far as I know.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


            The sales agent is dealing with the sale and seems to have nothing to do with your rental.

            They would have as much say on your reference as the gas man that came to read your meter!

            You could always ask them for a personal reference if you feel it might help but they have nothing to do with the tenancy.

            What would be the issue in asking the letting agent?



              I guess what I thought was that one industry professional to another might hold more weight than the gas man as he's regularly visited the property over the last 22 months, but get your point.

              The letting agent does not manage the property, they only advertise it and do the paperwork.

              The reason I'm saying all this is because my understanding is from reading up is that the referencing companies ask about rent being paid on time etc, and if it's a no they decline - is this true? And it's a simple yes or no question with no room for elaboration...


                A letting agent or landlord do not have to provide any reference at all: If one is given it must be honest (but not necessarily complete..)
                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                  I always find honesty to be the best policy and if you can prove and explain that you had financial difficulties at the beginning of the tenancy, but put this right and continued to make payments on time, this would be better than avoiding a reference and seeking one elsewhere.

                  It isn't a crime to struggle financially and landlords are more wary of tenants that continue to make late payments or not at all.



                    Thank you for the advice, yes I can prove that it was put right through my bank statements. To be clear is that something I tell the LA before they use a 3rd party referencing company? I had read that some of the referencing companies would reject if LL referencing comes back as 'paid late' as it is simply a yes or no answer. Are you saying I can add my own side of the story to the referencing process?


                      I don't use referencing companies personally but if its as clear cut as yes and no then speak to the landlord before references are requested.

                      Tell them about the difficulties you had and explain that it was put right.

                      If anything this would make you more attractive to me as a tenant than someone that said nothing. If anything it proves you are committed to your contract and will put things right if the worst happens

                      There's a big difference between a bad tenant and someone that's had a hard time.


                        A check-out inventory should be done for the property when you leave, you can use this as a demonstration of what a wonderful tenant you are. This should provide some consolation if you've been a bit slow with a couple of payments


                          Thank you, seems a good idea! Is a check out inventory a requirement or just good practice? Bearing in mind my LL hasn't even responded to my notice I've no idea what she is planning. I told her in the notice I will have a company come in and do an end of tenancy clean on the final day as well as making all fixtures and fittings good.


                            An inventory is very good practice, but doesn't really mean much unless one was taken both at the beginning and end of the tenancy - so that one can be compared with the other. ASTs often mention inventories, mine always mention that one is paid for by the landlord and one is paid for by the tenant.


                              Thanks for all your replies, after reading these forums it's clear there are some good landlords out there. One thing that seems to have been mentioned here is that not all LL's use referencing companies, is that the case even if you've instructed a LA to find you a tenant?

                              Reason I ask is the LA I seen yesterday about the property I would like to move to told me he would give the LL my background information and then they can make a decision before proceeding. I've always had it the other way around, pay fees first, get checked and if I pass they proceed.


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