Tenant left not gave keys back

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    If I have a message saying this is her last month, she has moved her council tax and hb claim. She is not at property etc. She is paid till the 30th and I have a message of her saying she has till 30th to get last of her things. Can I go in after 30th


      Tenant left not gave keys back

      I thought I would start another thread as the situation is a little different now. The tenant is not at the property and I have messages to to says she has another house off herself. The last contact was 4 days ago saying she has a few things left in property to take to her new house then she will give keys back. I have messaged her today to say I want to go in and check house and she is not going back. If I text her again tomorrow to say I will be using my key in 48 hrs. If she does not get back, will I be safe to enter ?


        Has the tenancy ended? Did the T give you notice?


          Originally posted by philip cooper View Post
          I thought I would start another thread as the situation is a little different now.
          The preference here is to keep related information / questions to one thread, the 'new' thread contained very little detail or background information.
          I also post as Mars_Mug when not moderating


            Originally posted by Berlingogirl View Post
            Has the tenancy ended? Did the T give you notice?
            Tenant messaged me on 3rd January saying just letting you know this is her last month and will pay rent on the 5th late, it was due 31 December. She said she should be out by 18th January as she already has other house. She never went gave keys back on 18th. Communication went off.

            I went house to check it on 23rd as she was not getting back to my messages. Few hours later she said a neighbour seen me go and she still has some things their. I have just messaged her then asking if she needs more time to get things and has the empty property been getting checked. She said she has been checking it and needs a few more days and her car is still their. Her car is not their I have been checking it as its empty. I

            Council have told me she rang up on 23rd January saying she moved out on 22nd December. Im am under the impression she is not going to give keys backs and say her car is still there. I do not understand why she would say her car is their when i can see its not.

            There is also no heating left on at property and it is minus in the night so pipes could burst and insurance is void.


              She went I was ment to say.


                Last communication tenant messaged me Sunday saying she will get her last bits out the shed on Monday and give me key. Monday should be her last day of the notice she gave. Monday she never got in touch so I left her till today. I messaged her on FB asking for keys back but my messages are getting the white circle and blue tick which means sent but not delivered. This means she has logged out of messanger more than likely.

                What a coincedance.

                What can I do now. council are saying she has said she has left but I have said I have not got keys.

                Rent would be due today if tenancy was in place or if she was there.

                Can anyone give us some advice on what I can do to get my property back ?



                  If she gave a valid notice which you accepted expiring on Monday then her tenancy has ended. What does you TA say about tenants possessions after they've left?


                    Seems she blocked my number to. I phoned from a different number today and she answered. I said "can I have my keys".. She said " yes I will be their at 12 pm to pass you them ".

                    I went to property at 12 pm and what do you know, I get a text saying "I will post keys". I said " Have you already posted them ". I got no reply.

                    Texted her again just 20 mins ago saying the same to no answer.

                    I am getting told by another person who rents out that I still need to serve notice and go through courts ???????

                    She is now not mentioning posessions as its aload of rubbish. Her car I think is outside path though . For some reason I do not think she wants it outside her new address yet.


                      Car is now gone, I believe when I enter tomorrow keys will be through door. We will see .


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