Rent reduction claim after breakdown in communication between tenant and landlord

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    Rent reduction claim after breakdown in communication between tenant and landlord

    Sole tenant half way through 6 month rent agreement paid monthly in England .
    Tenant emailed to say boiler was faulty. We rang tenant couple times but got no answer. We did not "chase" the tenant as perhaps we should have. Rather we left it to them to contact us back to make an appointment. Tenant did not contact us at all. After three weeks we tried making contact again simply thinking boiler must be working again but we need to cancel job. Tenant admits he remembers recieving some calls but was too busy at work. After four weeks we tried tenant again and he answered call .
    His response to this first verbal contact was "Its not up to me to remind or chase you, my boiler has not worked for a month so I want 50% rent reduction or I will go to court. "

    No doubt (in hindsight) we could have emailed him posted a note through the door etc etc.

    Has the tenants not some responsibilty to contact us if we fail to respond (for whatever reason) to their initial report of a fault within the property.

    Personally, I'd get the boiler repaired and suggest that the tenant go to court if that's what they want to do.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      IMHO, a failure to communicate works both ways, so the tenant is being unreasonable in assuming that he only needs to send one email and then he can drop off the radar.
      I don't believe a tenant can withhold rent/demand a reduction, I think the most he can do is organise the repair himself and then deduct the engineers invoice from his next rent payment.

      Suggest you
      1) fix the boiler ASAP.
      2) tell him to pay his rent.
      3) issue a section 21 to let him know you want him to leave at the end of his 6 months (if he doesn't know this already)


        In this weather id be more concerned in how they have lived a month with no boiler!

        Are they even living there?. He may well argue it's not up to him to chase you but by the same token if you tried contacting them to arrange repair and they were busy and forgot, then you cannot be responsible.

        What if you arranged for a repair and the date/time wasn't suitable for the tenant? You can't let yourself in and interfere with their "quiet enjoyment" else they would threaten to sue you for that too!.

        Personally I would write to them and advise that although you are aware the boiler wasn't fixed as quick as you would like, the tenant was partly responsible in not returning your calls. That you were unable to arrange the repair without their authority.

        I would advise them there will be no reduction in rent and you will respond to any threatened court action appropriately.

        Issue section 21 on end of month 4 giving notice to leave when tenancy expires. You will always have trouble with a tenant who throws these kinds of threats and they aren't worth keeping.


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        • Reply to Section 21
          by Perce
          It is not clear yet what is going to happen with evictions. The ban may be extended till the end of the year. It is becoming almost impossible to evict a tenant. The government will make a decision shortly....
          29-05-2020, 20:24 PM
        • Section 21
          by zrux

          My tenant was struggling to pay rent, they wanted to move to council house. And asked me to serve notice.
          I served them the section 21 Notice on 28Apr2020 and gave them 4 months to vacate the property on 31-Aug

          Since then the tenant says he doesn't want to move out...
          28-05-2020, 13:18 PM
        • Reply to Section 21
          by MdeB
          Yes for S8G8, but for the discretionary grounds it is for the LL to persuade the judge....
          29-05-2020, 19:56 PM
        • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
          by Stew
          I understand you are upset but chase the person named on the lease, if they are together still it will impact the both of them so chasing for the CCJ on the named tenant will still impact the one not named as it will carry forward with them if they don't pay right away and when they try and rent again...
          29-05-2020, 18:55 PM
        • Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
          by MadLL
          Apologies if I have posted this before, but I cannot find my original post, if I did indeed post!
          I rented my property to a tenant. I knew at the start of the tenancy that the partner planned to move in at a later date, although the tenant denied the partner ever moved in as I expect they did...
          29-05-2020, 17:30 PM
        • Reply to The tenant won't pay due rent
          by Perce

          I agree and this is a problem. Very difficult to find someone you can trust that they would do a good job.

          It looks like one has to become a solicitor first to be able to deal with solicitors. Solicitors forget half of the things you tell them, make errors, expect...
          29-05-2020, 18:52 PM
        • The tenant won't pay due rent
          by Uklondoner
          The tenant just told me he can't pay not even half and didn't apply for benefit probably doesn't know how to. He said I can call Police. What to do now? I know the government back people like him....
          18-04-2020, 18:34 PM
        • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
          by Hudson01
          I can not see you getting anywhere with the ex tenants partner but i totally agree you should chase the non paying tenant until the end of time, its is the previous landlords in not going after the arrears which then caused your tenant to be able to not pay you...... somewhere a stand has to be mad...
          29-05-2020, 18:38 PM
        • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
          by Perce
          Send your ex tenant a 14 days pre action letter first....
          29-05-2020, 18:33 PM
        • Reply to Section 21
          by Perce
          The tenant should move to a cheaper accommodation which he can afford....
          29-05-2020, 18:31 PM