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    Hi there, I’m in need of a bit of advice as I’m in a tricky situation. I own a two bed 1st floor flat, which is part of a two story property. My tenants are nice, amenable and patient. The tenant downs stairs has been terrorising them for a year now, as he feels the the noise from my flat is intolerable but refuses to move.

    The soundproofing to be fair to the downstairs tenant is dreadful, so myself and the landlord of the below flat decided to go halves and get the whole flat soundproofed. Somewhere along the line, the other landlord obviously decided that he wasn’t going to do this and with the behaviour of the tenant downstairs becoming more and more unreasonable and threatening, e.g. banging on the window with a stick and calling my tenanats ‘motherf*ckers’, making his child scream, throwing food at the windows, calling me a few times at all hours, telling them he doesn’t give a f*ck about social hours etc etc, I simply decided that in an attempt to do the right thing I would just pay to get the soundproofing done myself, in the bedrooms as that’s all I could afford (£3000).

    Apparently this hasn’t been as successful as hoped. The whole situation has then escalated to the point now where the downstairs tenant a few days ago, threated to ‘f*ck up’ my tenants, which they luckily managed to record on their phones. For my tenants though, they have had enough and have decided to move out, understandably.

    From speaking to the police about this, they can’t do anything until someone literally gets assaulted, the managing agent and council also seem unable to do anything. The guy downstairs won’t move out, even though there is nothing further that can be done re: soundproofing. I cant speak to the other landlord as he’s now also become very aggressive on the phone and seemingly cant be bothered to engage with the problem.

    What are my options here?

    Get statements from your tenants as to why they are leaving and get them to document the torrent of abuse from this man.

    Report all this to the environmental health department of the council as he is being anti social and they have powers to intervene on his behaviour.

    Was this a conversion or 2 purpose built flats and what age?

    I have successfully sound proofed a ground floor flat from upstairs but it had very high ceilings which I dropped by 60cm filling the void with Rockwool and double plasterboarding both ends. It takes out 85% of noise.

    How long has this man lived there? Has he only recently started plaguing tenants? Really he should not have to move but on the other hand you may not be able to soundproof the floor.

    Maybe let to a pair of students who don't give a bean about his behaviour

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Have you spoken to Social services ? They guy may have stopped taking his med's hence the problem.

      You say you have spoken to the police, but have you spoken to Pcso patroling the area ?

      Keep a record of whats happened, you may need it.


        Thanks very much for the advice guys. I will start to collate evidence.

        re: construction - it's a 15 year old cheaply done new build extension out of the back of a 30's detached property. i put 100mm rockwool between the boards, sound proofed plasterboard, chipboard, tecsound 50, underlay, then carpet.

        he's been in for about 18 months.

        it seems as though i cant really do much apart from as has been suggested, keep a record and get some tenants in who wont be so bothered.


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