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    Fee for warrant.

    I'm currently trying to get rid of a tenant, I have the PO, I applied to use the High Court Bailiffs and had a letter back yesterday to say the application was refused.

    Anybody au fait with the latest fees that need to be sent in with a N325?

    The .gov website tells me.............

    __________________________________________________ _____

    Warrant type
    Issue a warrant of control (recovery of a sum of money) via Money Claims Online or County Court Business Centre £77
    Issue a warrant of control (recovery of a sum of money) in any other case £110
    Issue a warrant of delivery (for goods) £121
    Issue a warrant of possession (recovery of a property or land)
    Request a further attempt to execute a warrant at a new address, except where a warrant has been suspended

    __________________________________________________ _____

    However do I need to ask again to use the High Court geezers or will this warrant suffice?

    If it only allows me to use the normal bailiff then it might be another 2 months before they get around to it.

    Should I send this in with the £121 fee and hope for the best or add another application to use the high court guys.

    My head hurts!

    There's an order for rent recovery on the same order, should I add that on the warrant application or is that likely to muddy the water when it comes to getting granted, possession is the important thing here at the moment.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg

    Well they already refused the High Court. I wouldn't want to annoy the judge by applying again. I would just send the £121 fee for the ordinary bailiff for a warrant of possession.


      Personally use the county court baliffs, at least they get some time and notice as to when they HAVE to leave.


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