Council (Housing Association) - New neighbors making false complaints - Meeting 14th

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    you spell your illness asthma and it's worth using spell check on any documents you send to the council.

    How did the meeting go? Your neighbour will have to have proof of their complaints so if I was not making a noise I'd simply say these are lies, I'm not noisy and when you install monitoring equipment you'll hear that. I'd also say that as there is no reason for these allegations they constitute harassment.


      I had the meeting today - they said the ones I put and also said they said they can smell canabis and im smoking it in the cominual hallway and in my property.

      They said along with the other checks (asking neighbors and sound monitoring equiptment) they are going to do a suprise visit along with the police.

      Getting a bit rediclous now if you ask me.



        Well you have defended yourself and this will be documented.

        It's up to them now to prove otherwise with the sound monitoring and "suprise" visits.


          Are they allowed to make these "surprise" visits though? I am not sure they can...

          I have just found out there is a law that says...

          As I have a right to "quiet enjoyment" of the property - any visits must be given 24 hours notice or I do not have to let them in as they have not done so.

          The only execption is - in an emergency such as a gas leak or a water pipe bursting.

          Im assuiming this isnt an emergency and as such the rule applies - does anyone have any thoughts on how this applies to my situation.



            They can turn up at any time and sniff the air in the communal area. That way they're not disturbing you, but if I were you I'd welcome them in and let them satisfy themselves that you're not doing anything annoying or illegal.


              You should welcome a visit to finally put the accusation to bed. Why wouldn't you want them to visit if your doing nothing wrong. Challenging their proposed action would surely look like you have something to hide



                I know exactly whats going on here.

                1. There after an ASBO - it does not require EVIDENCE, just two neighbours submitting the same allegation over the same incident.
                2. When the Council & Police do a surprise visit, they will be waiting in your neighbours flat as time passes and they hear nothing they will get frustrated and angry (as apparently your a threatening drug addict, with a dog barking 24/7, listening to loud music), your correct that you are GUILTY as the reason for there visit is to just gather evidence and the oneness is on YOU to prove your innocence when your slammed with 100's of dates and times and allegations later.
                3. If any noise at all is heard (even a sneeze), the Environmental Health Office from the council will knock on your door and ask to speak to you - This will be your first official warning and it will be logged as such along with neighbours allegations in dairy format.
                4. They may send the Police officer that accompanies the Environmental Health Officer first to your door, he will record and incident number again this goes as evidence against you.
                5. This process will continue numerous times.
                6, You are the mercy of how honest the Police & Environmental Heath Officer are, they may well leave you alone, if they do REPORT your neighbour for harassment straight away and get an incident number, send a copy and the incident number to Environmental Health at Council.
                7. Get a statement from your neighbour NOW, before they are turned against you, its a matter of time before your other neighbour starts knocking on their door again stating that the allegations are being taken that serious that the Police and Environmental Health are involved, Police & Environmental Heath Officer may even speak to this neighbour and others, your neighbour will automatically think they have missed something and clearly your not the person they think you are if so many authorities are involved and taking the allegation seriously enough to be looking into you.
                8. Get a body cam and record yourself and save the footage, you will receive 20 plus pages full of diary evidence, police incidents and warnings from Environmental Heath Officer, it will be over whelming, you cannot DEFEND it, unless you have recorded evidence to the contrary.

                I assuming your innocent, you certainly sound it, DEMAND a list of dates and times these visits occurred and put with your own recorded evidence on yourself if the matter goes to court.

                The Police and Environmental Heath want CONVICTIONS, they do not want to have sat around in neighbours flats all hours day/night for nothing and waste there time, do not treat as the law as we know it, its "hearsay evidence & experts opinion" i can tell already by the way they have described you that are going for ASBO, which relies on Police & Environmental Heath Officers visits and opinions and neighbours diary evidence, but they do need more than one neighbour to say exactly the same and thats it your as good as FRIED in the electric chair.


                  Your neighbour making false allegations and gossiping about you behind your back HAS to defend and turn people against you to save face, they will not want to be exposed for what and who they are. Do not ever approach them, if this is the first set of allegations brace yourself for worse to come, such as shouting, screaming, swearing and verbally threatening you, im surprised that didn't come first with loud music allegations as they will also want a restraining order against you to make toy look bad.

                  I know because it happened to me, they said im always in court because i asked my neighbour to move his car one morning as was blocking me in, i said i wouldn't ask but im due in court, in small talk i said im there nearly once a month !!!, the passing comment was just that i thought nothing of it, until a 20 page list of allegations was posted to me which stated im well known in the courts !, i explained in court i do not have a criminal record and never been arrested, i was referring to my divorce with my ex husband as it was a long drawn out affair lasting 18mths in the civil courts.

                  My neighbours also said i suffer mental issues and see a psychiatrist, thats why in person i seam like a nice pleasant well spoken lady but turn into a monster at night when i dont have "my meds",i got a letter from my doctor to prove i do not and have never suffered from mental issues or taken medication or counselling, i did pay to see a psychiatrist for hour assessment as my mother had recently died and i could not stop crying, he told me it was normal and i dont need a psychiatrist it was assessment and he assessed me SANE but i may want to try bereavement counselling.

                  My neighbours said i was a drug addict, and saw me getting my post with with mascara running down my cheeks "like the lead singer from kiss", i explained i wear liquid eyeliner i had been crying over my mum, i do not take or even experimented with drugs, i had also worked for the Army for 12 years leaving a year ago and was regularly drug tested was willing to undergo a drug test to prove i was not on drugs at the time of alleged incidents. - they were unwilling to oblige me.

                  Original my neighbour said had the TV on loud, on first visit from Police spot check i invited him in to show him i did not even own a TV,

                  The allegations then changed playing the same song over and over again and recording it, to pirate and sell at the market, they took my computer as evidence, i was awarded back in the courts as it did not have a CD rom drive, CD rewrite or a sound card. - a very detailed and specific allegation to make that was proven WRONG.

                  Shouting, Screaming, Swearing at all hours night from my flat towards neighbour upstairs, - but only they heard, hows that possible other neighbours stated heard nothing.

                  My hair had pink streaks, my neighbour made statement she was looking out the window and HEARD me coming down the street she looked out the window and could see me right at the top of the road and quaked with fear when she saw my pink hair.

                  Numerous allegations that i leave my hall light on and my bathroom window open when i go out, - I told the magistrates im lost for words on that one other to say that someone is definitely suffering from some kind of paranoid psychosis and its NOT me.

                  One neighbour admitted his girlfriend wrote his dairy evidence when he was at work while sitting with neighbours that started it all, the ASBO requires two RESIDENTS to submit same evidence not a visiting guest, her boyfriend came running up to me in court tried to grab me and hug me shouting i'm sorry this has gone to far, with me backing away dodging him saying too late however if you want help me when your on the stand all i ask is that you tell the truth.


                    The neighbour said they heard me doing a drug deal with a man at my front door where i asked for "coke" - i actually asked a friend that was visiting who was going down the shop as they were leaving to get me a bottle of coke.

                    My neighbour said i got into a Mercedes car with a black man that pulled up outside my apartment, with some coloured men in the back and i said "move the fck over", - i did get into a mans car, a Mercedes that picked me up outside my apartment, he was white and blonde (not that, that should make any difference) i got statement off my friend who happened to be the the lord mayor of London;s PA at the time that i knew from my time as a PA in the Army, there was also only him in the car.

                    The police said were still searching for my criminal record as i have a false address and aliases names - i worked as a model and gave agents address for clients and worked under sudo name for my personal safety and security while working.The police knew dam well my real name as seen all my car documents and knew where i lived they were banging on the door enough times.

                    My neighbour submitted numerous print outs of naked and topless photos of me stating i was a "prostitute", - all my pictures are copy write to ME, i worked as a model not a prostitute and that i will be considering a civil suit after this court case was finished with against neighbours for liable.

                    I forgot to say they all kept saying i refused to give the name of my landlord and believed i was squatting in the property, as checks with housing associations and local council yielded no results, - so i took in my mortgage documents on my apartment and the apartment i owned next door, also the four bed-roomed and five bed-roomed i owned over the road, i explained i was going through a divorce and move into the property as i can longer afford to live alone in a big house, as two bed-roomed apartment suited me better, but thats not what these people want to hear they blank that out, as they rely on anything that you cannot prove 100%, expert opinions and hearsay, which amounts to corruption and gossip.

                    Ow and also an allegation of driving with no tax/insurance or MOT on my car, police came and demanded to see my documents which i showed them all present and correct, i asked if i could make a complaint about neighbour (was obvious who made such a false allegation by now) about false complaints, they said no and walked away and was never mentioned in any court documents, - i told the courts, to show they are determined to look into and find anything and everything they can to get some sort of legal prosecution so i look bad, they did not cross the "t's" and dot the "i's", first thing they should have done was check when my neighbour said i told them i was in/out court all the time that i did have a criminal record and they would have realised the man was a liar as i do not, it explained to me why they were so aggressive and ignorant towards me they took it as read that i was already a convicted criminal and i must be guilty and not even worth speaking too or given a chance to explain before served court action. Admittedly at this point i became vague with answers as realised when i was accused of anything, i tried not to explain, as i realised i would be accused, i would give a full explanation and show evidence to the contrary, then they would go tell my neighbours who would modify their complaint around my explanation, i thought this was my best course of action, to defend in court and let them say what ever they want about me and let them think i can not defend.

                    ANYWAY do you see where i am going with this ?, EVERYTHING i mean EVERYTHING will be twisted and turned and flipped upside down to make you look bad, i could go on but im sure you get the picture.

                    I guess you want to now the outcome ?.

                    I defended MYSELF with all i had, i believed in the courts and justice, but ASBO works like your guilty and YOU prove your innocence, i could NOT prove the music allegations,, other than to say if they are alleging im leaving music on for days while im away, why did they never call the police to kick down my door and turn off ?, they would have been well withing there rights, its because it was after thought added that looked good on paper to show im arrogant and ignorant. Because i could not prove only to say that i had proved to the police on numerous occasions that when some of these music allegations were made i was away, so they changed to "she leaves in when shes away" to cover the BIG false allegations, but i was strongly i mean to the point of being bullied into pleading guilty to get it over and done with as magistrates will find me guilty and look on me even worse if they had to sit through every allegation and me defending it, when all i can say is "ive never played loud music, or TV as i dont have a TV or any equipment that plays music, as i disposed off as soon as i realised Police & Environmental Heath Officer was involved, and each time i have let them in and showed them round to prove it also proved i was away when some of these original allegation were put to me which i have proved. So with much regret, guilty i plead.

                    The following week, another allegation was made about banging and crashing and playing loud music from 2pm to 4pm, two police officers came barged into my apartment, threw me outside picked me up by the scruff of the neck threw me against the wall and handcuffed me, in the process i got hit in the eye with handcuffs causing 5 sever blood clots and blinding me for 6 months in one eye, when they realised what they had done they pulled me back into my apartment pushing me into walls, Luckily i was wise to it and before opening the door i called 999 and said someone is banging on my door trying to get in, can you stay on the phone with me as i open the door, i then hid the phone off the hook behind the door, so when this incident happened and they "obviously" said i was shouting screaming swearing threatening and that i tried to attack them and resisted arrest,, it was all RECORDED on my police 999 call,however after complaint to IPCC which took 2 years to investigate which they upheld of police brutaly and corruption, mainly because the other police officer confessed all to IPCC and along with my phone call, he was put on garden leave then a desk job (clap, clap not), in the meantime im in court few months later for breach of ASBO im not allowed to mention what the police did because its under investigation ,all i can say is i have had to make a complaint about the police and how they have handled the situation, well i just sounded like an idiot and yob with black eye etc.

                    I was sentenced to 3 months in prison served 6weeks, not bad for someone that doesn't drink or do drugs had a highly respected job working as a PA for the British Army with top security clearance, thats never suffered from depression or breakdowns (i do now), i do not swear and have never had a fight and being 4ft 10iches with waist length blonde/pink hair and 7 stone working as a model i didn't see myself as threatening or capable of attacking two grown police men, id never been arrested or did i have a criminal record or complaint against me (i do now and have a list of complaints that would stretch round the world).

                    Coincidental nearly a year to the day i was released from prison i received a letter from the neighbour that started these allegations and hammered these false allegations across to people, he was dying of cancer and given days to live and wanted me to go visit him so he could say sorry, in the letter he begged for forgiveness, and if i have it my hart too, as he is distraught at the thought of not putting things right and doesn't want to die without setting things right with me and its his dying wish, along with the convalescents address to visit,

                    My reply-

                    This will be the first and last time anyone see's me swear "go fck your self, and take that to the grave with you".

                    So my advice to you get CCTV and move homes QUICKLY.


                      A1970 What a harrowing story. I'm so sorry to hear you've been through this.


                        For the avoidance of doubt, since 2014, ASBOs have been replaced with other orders/notices.
                        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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