Council (Housing Association) - New neighbors making false complaints - Meeting 14th

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    Council (Housing Association) - New neighbors making false complaints - Meeting 14th


    First of all I dont know if you deal with council questions so if not please let me know.

    I have recieved a letter from my housing association asking me to come into a meeting about noise complaints.

    When I asked what they were as I have always tried my best to not make any noise - I was shocked when they told me the complaints.

    - I am supposedlly dragging furtniture round the house all night.

    - My dog is barking 24/7

    - I'm playing loud music all night.

    Baring in mind I suffer from life threatning astmah (confirmed by the hospital) and why the council housed me in the first place - and because im a vunrible person. - so to try to drag furnture round for a long time would almost certainlly lead to an attack. (Plus even if i was capible of doing that - seems like the most boring thing I could think of doing minus watching paint dry - Why would anyone even do this at all)

    - the only dog that is ever here is my friends who comes to visit me - again because of my astmah to check if im ok as i live alone - the dog is litterlly silent - unless you ask her to bark - which we have only done once during the day - he was showing me she can actually bark - even then she struggles to do a full bark.

    - I rarly play music and if i do it will always be in the day - and certainlly not loud - music isnt really my thing if im honest.


    I have since learned from my other next door neighbor they knocked there yesterday or the day before with a letter headed bit of paper from the housing association asking them if they could email them and say they find me threatning - So they are also trying to get the other neighbors to go along with them - I find this unacceptable. (So did they - as they refused - and my next door neighbor said tell the council to contact him if they need to and he will tell them what he really hears - which as he said to me has never been a problem)

    (Anyone that knows me would tell you im the least threatning person they know - I have litterlly never had a fight in my life and am conflict adverse - it scares me a lot - i would never be threatning to anyone)

    the only time i have ever spoken to them was when the man was on his way in - and I said hi nice to meet you have you just moved in i live upstairs - trying to be a good neighbor!


    I am at a loss as to why this is happining - the lady from the council wasnt too helpful on the phone when i told her what i had learned. she just said well you dont know all the accusations yet - come to the meeting and we will hear your side.


    I feel like im being ambushed by the council on these false accusations and feel like im being treated like some kind of criminal in their eyes - and i have done everything I can to do it right - and dont understand why this is even going on.


    Is there anything i can do? - where do i stand legally with this as well - It is incrediblly unfair - especiially as stress is a big trigger for my astmah and the council know this.

    I have been living here over a year so i have a secure tennacy - they most likly have an introductry tennancy as they have not been here 6 months even.

    Thank you in advance


    I'm so sorry to hear this. It sounds like playground bullying to me. I would type up what you have said here, and print off some copies, and hand to everyone in the meeting.

    Perhaps my fellow members have other suggestions. Wait a day or two to see what they suggest.


      If you are in a block of flats, perhaps the persons who are complaining have identified the noise coming from the wrong property.


        I've no direct experience of this I'm afraid but I can imagine how frustratingly stressful it must be for you.

        I can only offer my own thoughts. I'd ask the other neighbours to verify in writing what they've told you about being approached to complain/the fact they themselves have no noise complaints whatsoever.

        I'd imagine the complainants would have to prove their case as well. The HA can't just take their word for it.

        Good luck with the meeting!


          I would make sure I took along a friend as a witness or helper to support you. It is a very intimidating situation to face alone.
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            I wont be able to get a letter before the meeting (its tommorow) but my neighbor did say they were would write a letter or even go to see them if they needed him to about it.

            I probabbly should take someone with me - but as i have done nothing wrong at all im going to give the council this one chance to see if they see sense.

            However - am i leagally entitled to voice record the meeting - and do i have to inform them first?

            Also I would have loved to be able to take a solicitor with me or their instructions to the meeting instead of a friend.

            (Do you think its worth ringing one? because the councils are well known for trying to act outside their powers round here)



              Can you not ask a supportive neighbour from adjoining flat to accompany you?
              Council Officers get very sensitive about being recorded, but nothing stopping you taking notes of the key points at the meeting. Any tape recording would have to be transcribed for use in Court.
              If meeting is taped, they may not be that forthcoming with source of info.
              Or once you know the gist of the allegations, ask the meeting be adjourned so you can seek Ind Legal advice.
              Remain calm and don't be intimidated.


                Unfortantlly not as he will be at work at the time of the meeting.

                Yeah I will listen to their things - but i wont be agreeing to or signing anything without asking a solicitor first.

                Since they insist on talking to me like a criminal on the phone - I will treat it as such with my fight back for the false alligations.


                  With noise complaints it's usual to get evidence using recording equipment from the Environment Agency.

                  I suspect the council will ask your neighbours to do this.

                  I feel really sorry for you. Your neighbours sound like bullies who are making false accusations. Make sure this goes down on their records with the council. They might have done this to the person who lived in the flat before you or might do it to the people who live there after you.

                  Good luck in your meeting and keep us up to date.


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                      I got there 15 minutes late so they rescheduled the meeting until thursday.

                      I am pretty livid though - when i spoke to her she might as well of said we beleve you have done the things your accused of - both with tone and also implied words.

                      I really dont know what im supposed to do anymore - surly I have some sort of rights here.

                      This is defo a case of guilty until proved innocent it seems like to me.

                      And when I told them yet again about what they said to the other neighbors "say you find him threatning" - and that I specificially wanted that on file - she said yes yes but first we must put these allagations to you.

                      Really really annoyed and feeling attacked tbh.


                        Try to stay calm and have your say.

                        They need proof of excessive noise before it can affect your tenancy and they can't possibly have any evidence based on what you have posted.

                        Make sure you tell them that you feel victimised and make it clear for any minutes of the meeting that you are unhappy with the way it has been put to you and how you have been treated.

                        It could well be that your neighbour below does not like living below someone and they could be making problems in the hope of living below an empty property.

                        Who knows what their reasoning is. They may genuinely be hearing every move you make and the council may therefore help with sound proofing.

                        Whatever you do, stay calm and know that you can't be evicted without proof of anti social behaviour


                          I would probably still record the meeting secretly - only for my use - as you cannot take notes of what is said and defend yourself verbally at the same time. You can then listen back and be certain of the accusations made. You can buy recorders that look like pendrives (memory sticks) for computers - lots of people have one on their keyring.....
                          Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me


                            And don't be late, it's disrespectful and puts people's back up before you start.
                            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                              I wasnt late on purpose - I am ill atm and was going as fast as i can and the bus got caught in traffic - I tried to get there on time.


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