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    Introduction ... and a question

    I lived in various countries for reasons of my job but have been resident in France since 1999.

    I rented my UK house 1990 - 2003
    I rented a property in Belgium 1996 -2000
    Since 1999 I have renovated old ruins in France and rented them long term
    I also have newish properties I rent out in France
    In 2012 I bought some UK apartments ( low price, weak £ and better RoI than France)

    Question ?

    Has anyone had dealings with Cooperative Energy ?

    On a UK visit I found a letter addressed to myself at one of my properties.

    The contents concerned me.

    They said that my account had been handed to a debt collection agency. I phoned and explained :

    * I had not lived in UK for 25+ years
    * I had no contract with themselves or any other UK energy company

    Their response was more or less "too bad .... talk to the debt recovery company"

    This letter is clearly addressed to me personally. I guess they have found my name as owner and thought it was worth a punt to try and recover arrears generated by my tenant.

    Does anyone have similar experience, and / or know what to do about it ?


      When did the tenant leave? Who was managing the tenants? Yes it is known for energy companies to try and extort money from landlords.

      If you have a signed AST and bank statements showing that same tenant was paying rent during that period then use this a proof to co-operative energy to quash the action. I would deal with them direct. Usually Co-op are very fair to deal with.
      Try and track down the missing tenant on or Findermonkey or similar.

      We need more info on the circumstances that led to this.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        So was every apartment occupied 100% of the time by tenants (every day) since 2012?

        If not, then why do you not owe money?


          This apt has been occupied since I bought it ... and still is


            Yes, but who is the account holder? £ to p it is owner not T.


              Originally posted by mpprh View Post
              They said that my account had been handed to a debt collection agency. I phoned and explained :
              Handed as in contracted the debt collection agency to collect for the energy company, or handed as in sold the debt to them. If the former, then the response is "No, I am talking to you since your company is the one claiming that I owe your company money."

              Sent them a letter in writing demanding them to cease & desist until and unless they have provided evidence that the debt exist.

              Also consider talking to CAB (if you haven't already) if you're in the UK.
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              I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


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