Person with mental health issues living next door question - Legal options?

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    Person with mental health issues living next door question - Legal options?

    Hi, I hope this is a legal section (England)?

    Our rental is next door to a property recently let to social services with a young lady living there with mental health problems.

    My tenant has put up with serious noise 20 hours a day for months - shouting and screaming, smashing things etc

    Now this lady is focused on my tenant and has followed her 3 times now and hassles her in her garden, films her on her phone, verbally abuses her in her house by shouting through the wall but also in the garden.

    Police are involved.

    My tenant is now on anti depressants due to the noise, abuse and harassment.

    Social services insist on keeping her there despite this.

    What are my tenants legal rights against social services? if any?
    What are my/the landlords legal rights for this against social services? (ie when my tenant goes and I'm left with a house I cannot sell or let)

    We've proved this lady is now a threat for my tenants safety, not to mention the noise.

    Any advise appeciated

    As far as I am concerned, people with mental health problems have the right to live wherever they like if they can afford that place to live (themselves). They should be subjected (compassionately) to the same law as everyone else. I say this with a lot of compassion for such people as I know personally of mental illness in close family.

    However when government imposes trouble on members of the community it is a totally different matter.

    What can you do. Nothing probably. The harasser is the "government".
    Perhaps (and you may be forced to anyway) let your property to a bunch of thugs at a low price for a while.

    It is precisely because your neighbour is not paying, is protected against loss that she is enabled to behave the way she does.

    Is there a private landlord involved next door who is allowing social services to do this. You might want to keep them informed.


      Hi, yes the private owner has let it to a housing association who found it for social services but I do not know him and I doubt he'd care, the housing asc are involved and concerned about this aswell.


        Ask the house association if they want to rent your house as well.
        ps: why your tenant has not given notice to you? I cannot understand it.


          Yes I may have to join them - she was determined not to be ran out of her house so she stayed to fight it, but I doubt she will be there for much longer. Shame.


            Well one of the lessons here is never to allow the local authority (or any part of it) to use your properties. There are many practical selfish reasons - but also the policy ones - unless Councils do a proper job they don't deserve to get our help.


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