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    Renting House question - Cold

    hi guys I rent a house its been ok past 4/5 months, but since the winter has come theres been issues. Boiler is not working properly, the central heating is terrible in the property its ice cold majority of the timer. theres a few other issues in the house.
    I contacted the landlord 2 weeks back, he said he will get someone in i tred phoning again no answer, I texted theres no response. I am really angry because I hardly get descent heat from my central heating the shower is cold half of the time.

    any advice on what to do, I have drafter a letter which I will be sending I was also thinking to withold rent due to being unhealthy living in a cold house


    Dont just withold the rent, see here for advice


      Your landlord has clear responsibilities, but I think your first step is to make sure you are not doing anything stupid:

      a) Do radiators need bleeding (when they are on are any cold at the top end)
      b) Are you sure you know how the system is set up, that the thermostat is set correctly, that the timers are set correctly, and that you are leaving the heating on for enough time (i.e all the time with the thermostat set to a high temperature and on continuous as a starting point)
      c) Are you expecting too much - e.g. it might normally take an hour to get decently hot shower water depending on the type of system.

      I am asking this because the fact that the water is hot "half the time" suggests a usage issue rather than a system issue.


        Don text/phone LL, write letter to AST 'Address for Service of Notices' and keep a copy.
        What sort of heating system is it?


          What is the EPC rating for the property?

          Is it double or single glazed?

          Is it detached, semi, terraced or a flat?
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            You could get a couple of quotes for repair and send copies to the LL with your request. This'll show the LL that there really something wrong.


              Assuming you've followed instructions correctly and ruled out user error, write to the landlord at the address you've been given and reiterate the issues. Point out that you have previously reported these and that your other attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful - unanswered calls/texts, etc.

              Depending on what type of relationship you have with your landlord/want to continue to have, I might use a veiled threat of calling the council in to carry out an HSSRS inspection. If there are genuine problems, they can take steps to enforce a reluctant landlord to act.


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                I think you need to ask whether he/she is responsible for the things you say, and whether these warrant immediate attention as you think they do:

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