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    Hi, Back on 13 July 2009 I rented out a semi-detatched house, (in Nottinghamshire England) My tenant was a single mum with two children, she was on benefits, and assured me the council would pay the monthly rent. There was no deposit paid, and the council did pay the rent, but one month in arrears. The situation has now changed, she now has three children and because of their age, and the benefit rules, she has had to take a part time job. Now she seldom pays any rent, or if she does, it's less than half the weekly rent, the T. A. states in block capital letters that no deposit was paid, and is signed at the bottom of every page by the tenant. My question is, if there was no deposit paid, (as stated in the tenancy agreement) it could not be protected by the D.P.S. and the rules seem to say that "IF" there is a deposit it must be protected within 30 Days, can I still serve a section 21 notice with no D.P.S. info.

    If there's no deposit then there's no need to do anything with it as the scheme has no deposit to confirm.


      Thanks for your reply tenant100011894, but my question is when a section 21 goes to court, you must provide D.P.S. information, and I don't have any, would the T.A. stating no deposit paid, be accepted ?


        Yes, of course.


          Yes, you complete the form and state there was no deposit and your tenancy agreement is evidence of that.
          You'll need to provide the tenancy agreement to use the accelerated process in any case.
          When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
          Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


            Thank you for all your replies, I've been wondering what to do for months, I will now serve a section 21 and see what happens, Thanks


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              I've had several different tenants rent my house in the past few years, each tends to stay about a year (fairly transient area).

              Each one has asked to change broadband/tv/phone provider, one did it without asking. The result is Sky/Virgin/BT drilling new holes each year into my walls to...
              15-10-2019, 21:11 PM
            • Reply to Tenants and Sky/Virgin etc
              John Duff
              There have always been clauses to that effect in my TAs. However, having spelt that out to tenants at signing, many will ignore. Expect to be awarded peanuts from deposit.

              Recently had another dish installed adjacent to the existing at a property I own. Tenant has (without permission) dish...
              18-10-2019, 14:44 PM
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              Hi, new LL to this forum. I rented a property to 2 tenants on an Assured Shorthold tenancy on 24 March 2018. I didn't supply an EPC or checklist. It was rented in London and there was no initial fixed term. Rent due 24th of each month and a deposit paid. OK, now one tenant wants to have the whole flat....
              18-10-2019, 14:17 PM
            • Reply to Repossession query
              If they're joint tenants, you can only end the tenancy for both of them (notice and court will be required if one of them is reluctant to go).
              You can supply the EPC and How to Rent guide before serving notice (but make sure the How to Rent guide is the right version).

              The tenant...
              18-10-2019, 14:42 PM
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              Funny enough we only got fibre a year ago on our road. I was told for years we wouldn't get it because it would cause too much chaos but as there are a lot of new builds in the area the street eventually got it along with other stuff but its been a nightmare shutting down the roads every 5 mins. I...
              18-10-2019, 14:35 PM
            • tenant with 3 kids
              My current tenant has 2 kids and living in my 2 bed flat.
              the kids are a 5 years old girl and a 6 months old baby boy.
              recently, I came to know that the tenant’s wife is pregnant.
              by law, can they stay in 2 bed flat with 3 kids?

              Please advise.
              16-10-2019, 14:10 PM
            • Reply to tenant with 3 kids
              John Duff
              Sorry haven't read the full thread re. overcrowding but here's my story:

              Couple rented my 2 bed with 2 children working part LHA. They really wanted a council house from day 1. Council advised to find accommodation in PRS and they were placed low down on waiting list.

              18-10-2019, 14:33 PM
            • Reply to tenant with 3 kids
              I am safe as a landlord until the 3rd kid is MORE than 1 year.
              - or -
              I am safe as a landlord WHILST the 3rd kid is less than 1 year....
              18-10-2019, 14:29 PM
            • Reply to Repossession query
              EPC certainly was - to be underway prior to advertising it.

              You might find it impossible to evict using s21. Is there an EPC - certainly get one & serve on tenants. Are you sure everything else OK??? see
              18-10-2019, 14:26 PM
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              Hello All,

              Sorry if this isn`t the right place to post this but I am starting a block management company and am wondering what I do at the end of the year with any surplus service charge funds?

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