Landlord Questionnaire about domestic safety and fire detectors.

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    Landlord Questionnaire about domestic safety and fire detectors.

    I am completing User-Research for a University Project regarding domestic safety and fire detectors.

    Could you please complete the following questionnaire. It takes about 2 minutes.

    Thank you.

    Fire detectors or smoke detectors?


      Fire Detectors - Smoke, heat and CO.


        I don't know you really require LL & T input as CO and smoke alarms are now required by Statute in all rented properties.
        The key info is to gauge owner-occupiers' approach to CO & smoke alarms etc in their own home? ie what is fitted and working?
        How many & where positioned?
        Approx date last checked/tested?

        First test questionnaire on your friends and colleagues, and then post on social media sites.


          All my properties are as safe as, well, houses. It's the tenants that are the danger eg they leave windows open which makes them vulnerable to burglary, they light candles and set the curtains on fire etc.


            Cardinal sin being committed on the question that allows ony negative answers!

            I am not sure I would have approved this for my students and I am not sure it will gain you much usable information.

            Maybe have a look at what you have now, see how/if the inforration you have is profering anything new and useful and then talk to your tutor and try again!

            As mariner said, test it out on friends and colleagues before you waste your one shot at live data!


              Thank you for your input. @Stef Cooke, I have amended this question. Thanks

              My degree is product design engineering.

              This questionnaire is not designed to get a detailed insight into users 'relationship' with fire detectors or domestic safety.

              However, the questions are designed to find out the right direction I should take my project.


                Ah! As a sot of pilot makes more sense.

                But, if that is the case, more varied, less 'directed' questions might be useful. I understand you are looking mainly for quantitative data - never met an engineer who didn't - but, for this part of the project especially, some open ended Qs that would get some unexpected info might be useful.. What do you think... what would you like... type Qs

                At the moment you are prescribing, limiting the information you will get. Your Qs channel the possible answers to those you expect, anticipate based on what you already know!

                A more open set of questions, asking LLs what they want/need to see in the shops, industry, legislation and then comparing t to the same data from Ts might be more interesting/useful!

                As you may have guessed, my husband is an engineer, I am not! We had lots of this kind of discussion as we did our own degrees... in our 50s we still don't agree - so feel free to think "Stupid woman! What does she know?! "


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