Trying to Find Replacement Tenants/Problem with Decorator

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    Trying to Find Replacement Tenants/Problem with Decorator

    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly I was hoping to just be posting a big thank you to Jeffrey and others who really helped with my last query.

    I'd been having a really nightmare time with regards to a flat that we had forced upon us due to circumstances with the letting agency. We'd had to sign on for a year but the short version is that the flat was really a nightmare to the extent that it was making me and my husband ill.

    I came on here looking for advice and some of you offered brilliant advice, particularly Jeffrey, who advised that we may be able to break the contract on the grounds of frustration, which helped no end when going to the letting agency. I went in to see them and explained the situation and then followed this up with a letter, citing the advice given here. As a result they agreed that, to remain amicable and so as to avoid involving solicitors, if we paid the £300 re-submission fee and the rent until they found a new tenant they would let us break the agreement early.

    Having read advice on here and other sites I figured this was the best option but it has now been six weeks and we've had no takers. A few people have been shown round by the letting agents and we allowed them in whenever we were asked.

    A couple of weeks ago they asked if we would mind letting someone view it on the Saturday but we had to say no because we were moving most of our furniture into storage that day so wardrobes would have been coming down stairs potentially whilst someone was trying to view. We were asked at about 5:15pm on the Friday before and said we would be happy for them to come round any other time but since then not a single person has been shown round, up until them we at least had one viewing a week.

    Furthermore, the letting agents suddenly got very keen to get the decorator in to fix a problem with staining that had been caused by the floods a few months previously, which we had asked them to fix at the time but never did. We told the agency that it would be good the following week as most of our stuff would be moved out and we would not be inhabiting the property and they agreed to this. The job is quite minor - some staining on the stairs and a little on the hall ceiling - it would need a prima and then a coat over the top - you could probably do it in less than a day.

    We went into the flat on Monday of last week to clean and hoover so the place would be spotless but when we came in there were dust sheets over pretty much all of the carpets. The decorator seems to be doing a pretty major job, which is down to them I guess but we are really concerned because since the Monday night the decorator has clearly not been back in the property at all, we checked yesterday afternoon. The whole place looks like an absolute tip and there is no way they could show anyone round. We have not been called to let us know if anyone would like to view the property and I'm guessing they have suspended viewings, although I have no proof.

    I would really like advice on what to do about the decorator situation. If we were living there it would be bad but we are really worried it is stopping people viewing the property at present.

    My second question is roughly how long should it take to find new tenants? It's a good enough flat in an area that is close to the town centre, which would be fine for a lot of people - it was just way too noisy for us with bad letting agents! The letting agents, however rubbish they are in reality, have quite a good reputation I understand and, whilst the rent is not the cheapest available, is not the most expensive by a long way either.

    We are desperate to off load this flat - we just got married and this has been the worse start to our life together. Instead of being able to have a honeymoon period all we got was stress and unhappiness and we are just very lucky we're not taking it out on each other!

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me - last time you all helped loads!

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