Broken front door lock

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    Sounds like a lovely place. You should ask for a light... that really is beyond the pale.


      Sounds like you fall under the category of 'demanding tenant' and to be fair, if you have been contacted weekly since moving, they might have a point. I expect this is a 'message' to make it clear that they are not there at your disposition to fix everything that you discover not to be to your standard. I expect if it hadn't been for the other things, he probably would have paid for this.

      Hopefully thing will go smoothly from now on and hopefully the relationship will be less constraint in the future.


        Yes you are right.

        I should not have told them that we had no hot water and I am lucky I couldn't wash for only 6 days.

        I also shouldn't have told them that none of the plug sockets in the kitchen were working. I should use the stove to boil water and toasters are a luxury.

        I also shouldn't have asked for the hallway lights to be fixed. Lighting is a luxury.



          Entirely disagree. If there are genuine problems then they need to be fixed and a landlord should fix them or appoint to have them fixed with reasonable care and skill.

          No lighting in the living room (or elsewhere, this isn't 1850) really is a genuine problem. No hot water is a problem. No electricity from sockets is a problem. Those aren't tenants problems to solve.

          On the other hand, I hope OP has learned some unfortunate lessons from this and will know what to be more on the lookout for problems the next time they're scouting for a house.

          Which is obviously not an ideal situation - it's landlords like this that give all landlords a bad name. You don't mind that?


            With the additional background, I still think the lock is not something the landlord is responsible for - a key snapped in a lock.
            The landlord is being lazy.

            Sometimes you have a property and there are teething problems that happen where a previous tenant was either there for a while or just didn't report things that were issues.
            Or it's new to the landlord.
            A new tenant moves in and there's a succession of issues - then everything calms down, because everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.

            The light switch that does nothing is manifestly false advertising.
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              Well I think you have to say farewell to a cordial relationship, but I would still fight them on this one...AND demand a blimmin' ceiling light in the living room!
              Don't withold rent though as that would put you in the wrong.

              FWIW, I had a key snap on me with my own front door and there was no warning of a dodgy lock at all


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